Friday, March 30, 2007

Back to Business!

I have been a somewhat sporadic Blogger recently, real life has a way of taking over sometimes! Never mind, we can only do what we do *shrugs* I am now officially on Easter Break from school! Woo hoo! Time to get down to some serious crafting. I have been busy with various projects, I have just sent a package off to Japan which cost me £14 - eeek! It is a box of chocolate, crisps (the recipient is craving salt'n'vinegar!) a couple of CDs, some magazines and some handmade stich markers, which I just remembered that I forgot to photograph - pahh!!) But in return I will receive a few Japanese craft books which I am so excited to receive!

Here is a few pictures of an Indian shrine / earring holder which I have been working on

Front, back and inside
It's made from an old pencil tin that I couldn't bear to throw away. It has been covered in red and pink tissue, the Indian pictures were decoupaged inside along with scraps of ribbon and shiney trinkets. I like it!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, the Chinese New Year has definately brought a change of luck for the Samsara household! The BF has just (today) started a new job which he really wanted, so he's very happy. He also got a ticket to the opening game at the new Wembley stadium through the England Supporters Club - it was free as they had to Health and Safety Check the new building before opening it to the general public. Apparently it was an afternoon of celebrity matches *yawn* - I gave him a lift to the station and he got the train to London, so I had the day pretty much to myself (yay) with regular updates via text. I've not been able to blog much recently as I have been away from my regular work computer which is where I quite often blog from, but I thought I do an update from my regular pc. I bought some awesome camo material from the market the other day thinking I had the perfect skirt pattern - I was visualising an adapted pattern - kind of a cargo type long skirt with maybe a kangaroo pouch type pocket at the front, but when I got home, the pattern that I was thinking of adapting (it was a secon-hand pattern which they said was complete *Grrr*) doesn't have the skirt in, so i have been looking for a suitable skirt pattern all week.
I made some falls last week from a thick'n'thin type wool - I really like them although I haven't had much opportunity to wear them much other than round the house *lol* The wool was kind of loosely plied, so I had the needle felt the ends together to stop them unravelling. It's not a good photo, I put them in quickly to take a snap :-) They were just random lengths of wool tied to two lengths of elastic, based on a Craftster tutorial. I've made falls before by wet felting roving, but these are really light!



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