Sunday, February 14, 2010

New floor!

So we had our new floor done! Hurrah! After three years, possibly longer, the laminate floor which had been sitting in a pile at the side of the room has finally been laid! We paid a lovely guy to do it and it took him almost two days (which is a surprising long time considering the miniscule size of our living room) and was a bitch to do apparently! The floor isn’t even and the wood was slightly bowed (although we think it was like that when we bought it, which explains why we were unable to do it ourselves all those years ago!)


Look how lovely it looks! We bought a new rug to compliment the sofa and the floor, and we’ve sat and admired it all for many days now!

We found these lovely little purple flower lights at the same place that we bought the rug (John Lewis for any interested Brits)…

We’re so happy with it!

So this has all spurred me on in my creative endeavours! I have a pair of jeans which are actually a size too big for me now, but with a belt and a longer tunic top look fine. I embellished the hem with some felt flower appliqu├ęs….

I even stitched some on the bum pockets!

I’ve also been making brooches from some felted jumpers, some coloured fibre, and assorted embroidery threads, sequins and beads :) This one’s for me, in multi coloured shades of pink, purple, lilac, turquoise and emerald, to go with my lovely new purple coat

and this one’s a gift for a friend! It’s in swirly tones of green, turquoise and purple…

needle felted and embroidered details….I think there’s going to be more of these in the future!



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