Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WhippoorWhy? Whippoorwil!!

Any Great British Sewing Bee fans out there? It's one of my Friday night pleasures! I record it and when M goes round to his mates with Jack for a few beers, I have a whole peaceful hour to curl up and watch it. Last week through saw me sitting forward in my chair as Lynda came on wearing the most stunning rainbow shawl!

Dear Lordy....I just had to have it - armed with my trusty kindle, I searched the web and found that it was made for her by her daughter, who has a great blog called Crafts from the Cwtch, and with a little more research I found the pattern and the yarn which was used Whippoorwill, which is on Ravelry, with the yarn Kauni which I found on eBay! So I am currently waiting for the yarn to arrive, I have the pattern purchased, printed and ready to go, I need to knit a swatch and then I'm off! I can't wait!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flower Garden Finale

Hurray! I have finally finished my Flower Garden blanket!

Look at that in all it’s glorious colourfulness! I started this waaay ago in a bid to use up all those little balls of wool that are left at the end of other projects. It’s intended use is the garden bench in the summer to make for a nice comfortable splinter free lounging area in the summer.

I’ve also been painting more fairy goblets for my eBay shop

and making nice stripy beanies also for my shop

This one is in lovely tones of blue. I’m thinking about a new line of wine glasses, with a more goth theme. Watch this space – the brain is ticking!

I’ve always loved those beaded medallions you get on a lot of tribal belts, but they never seemed to match, so I figured out how to make my own

These will make part of a purple coloured belt, I just need to find some suitable embroidered trim to use as the base.

Ok, that’s all for today folks, I’m trying to get back in the habit of blogging, I’m a little out of practice.


Sunday, February 02, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Well, here we are. 2014. I didn’t realise it had been so long since I last blogged! So what have I been doing this last year? Well, lots of doggy stuff with Jack who has just celebrated his second birthday, including a weekly dog training class, and geocaching adventures.



I’ve been dancing lots with my Tribal girls Badra Tribal and making costumes.


I’ve been trying to keep up with my yoga class. I’ve volunteered again at the Barefoot Festival.

M and I went to the Forest of Dean at Easter


and Dover in the summer and spent the fortnight looking round castles, battlefields and cliffs.

Our old caravan died and we bought a shiny new one which is like a palace compared to our old one. It has a fixed bedroom, hot and cold running water, and even a shower! I can’t wait to try it out.


I have been quite crafty recently. Up to Christmas I was making my presents, but now I’m getting back into stocking up my shop again.

Fairy Flower Brooches

Anyway, that was a very very quick update. Hopefully I will blog a little more regularly this year.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy New Year! 2013 Year of the Snake….


Well Happy New Year peeps! All you Slytherin types will be pleased to know that 2013 is the Year of the Snake,  and this year, the colour of the Snake is Black and the type of snake is the water snake. Black is the colour of Space, Arctic night, darkness on the Abyss, this is a colour of deep waters. The Black Snake will bring people unexpected changes, instability, and changeability. That is why it is important in the year of the Snake to plan everything beforehand, and evaluate adequately before taking any actions. You need to be more careful and cautious, especially where finances are concerned. I guess in this continuing recession, these are things for us all to remember. 

Anyhow, things have been busy here in Middle England. (Yep, I went to see the Hobbit and have been truly inspired!!) We had a few weeks of snow on and off, so we’ve not been out and about as much as we liked. Jack has been on a few pack walks which he has thoroughly enjoyed, and he started dog classes, passed his basic training and is now onto the bigger boys class. He’s in a very barky phase at the moment – he wants to bark and everything! Can’t wait for that phase to pass!


And then we had Ofsted which is a major panic and sort of dominated life there for a week or so. But there has been crafting going on. When I look at the pictures I realise that it quite dance dominated though!

Ok, so one of the things on my ‘learn to do’ list was a Turkish vest, so I created a vest and pantaloons in this lovely cranberry colour. I need to create a fastening on the vest though – I haven’t quite found the perfect fastening. The vest is all lined, and trimmed with black lace.

I came across this lovely toran (Indian door hanging) and just knew that it would make a perfect tribal belt, so I attached tassels, cowrie shells, beads and Turkman buttons. It’s a little bit wide though and gapes at the top, so I need to figure out a way of tapering it at the top a bit; maybe with a small strip of elastic..?

I’ve also been making my own bindis which tribal dancers wear on their foreheads – sort of a chakra third eye thing…

Anyway, someone has offered to sell my bindis on her souk (tribal stall), so I’m just getting my supplies together to make some up.

This is something I quite proud of…this started out as a pair of curtain tie backs and an Indian patchwork cushion. Jack took rather a liking to the patchwork and spent many illicit hours plucking the patches off – I found them hidden in his bed from time to time. I gathered then all up and sewed them to a backing cloth, then I embroidered the patches and added lots of beads and jewels.

Then I sewed them onto the tie backs, added a couple of rings at the front, and some sari silk cord as decorative tassels at the side.

I also added some gold chain swags to the back part of the belt which drapes nicely.

If you remember, my sister got married in October and after failing to find the perfect hair accessory, I made my own using some organza and a vintage brooch which had belonged to my grandmother.

So this kinda inspired me to explore flower brooches which I’ve been making for gifts. I’m thinking about added them to my eBay shop stock…

I’ve been on quite an accessories kick recently. I’ve made a few necklaces recently which I really like…

A lovely chunky pendant teamed with lapis lazuli chips and carnelian beads…

A vintage pendant found at a car boot sale teamed with hematite and amethyst chips…

Red jasper pendant with red Indian glass beads, vintage silver beads and hematite chips….

And an octopus pendant teamed with a chain and tassel from a watch pendent which Jack broke!

On the yarny front, I’ve been on a sock kick – socks are so portable which makes them easy to take to craft club


And I’ll leave you today with my Valentines card to M…

The text hearts were made from a book that Jack destroyed on one of his naughty rampages…

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 A Year In Summary

Okay, I admit it, 2012 sucked on the blogging front. It has been one manic year!

Last year, I bought M a driving experience at Silverstone for his birthday, which he did in January.


Work is quite full on, I ran the Art Summer School program this year and I have ended up with the main responsibility for most of the GCSE art cohort.


On the family front, my little Sis got engaged on her birthday and June and married in October! That was a gargantuan project, the planning, dress choosing and fittings, the hen party planning (as Bridesmaid the hen party was my project). She was married at our local church, then the party was at Mum’s house round the corner. All very cosy, but the planning and the act of getting the house emptied, cleaned and decorated was a huge effort.


We also got a puppy this year; Jack joined us at Easter and is the most full-on, playful puppy I have ever met! Named after Captain Jack, he is also a pirate in that he will plunder and steal anything that takes his fancy, and can be quite destructive, so our living room is becoming quite minimalist!


He’s nearly eleven months now so he has the body of an adult dog, but the mentality of a little boy. He loves to race round the garden, and because of the amount of rain we’ve had this year, the garden is currently looking like a cow field. His favourite activities are digging, emptying plant pots and chewing the container, and splashing in what once was the water garden, but since he dragged the water lilies out of it, it has now become Jack’s play pond. Needless to say that there has not been much gardening this year. At some point soon we plan to fence off the main part of the garden to give it a chance to recover, so we’ll fill in the holes, replant the lawn and put in some more plants. Jack has had some health issues this year, and hasn’t had the chance to socialise very much, so we’ve only just been able to start puppy classes with him. I’ve trained him from the first day we had him, so he can sit, lay down, stay, leave, etc, etc, but he has a few *ahem* behavioural issues, especially when it comes to social situations. So we’re mostly taking him to classes to socialise him. We’ve also just found out where there’s a pack walk locally, so we’ll take him on Saturday morning  and hopefully that will help him too.


My sis got me a Tiger experience for my Birthday last year, so we booked it for the summer and she came with me…


I also volunteered as normal at the Barefoot Festival…the highlight of my summer, where my friend and I go and help out at a dance festival


I also took an online course with the Open University this summer in Digital Imaging…I really wanted to learn to use Photoshop, so that took up a lot of my time!



We gave Jack his first outing in the caravan over the summer and took him to Glastonbury for a week. He enjoyed bouncing excitedly on us each morning when he woke up; morning puppy breath is not a great this to wake up to; neither is a sharp clawed big ole puppy foot in the stomach, or a tongue in the ear...


We also took him to the seaside for the day….Jack loves water!


Dance-wise, I am still belly dancing. Tribal and Egyptian/Turkish. Tribal is my first love, but I go to the cabaret classes for the social side of it as I have friends there who I wouldn't see otherwise. I’ve done quite a few haflas this year, and done some workshops too.


I redecorated my bedroom over the summer which has made a huge difference; we bought an overbed unit which has given us so much more storage space and I now have enough floor space to be able to do some yoga in my bedroom, which is great since puppy classes are on the same night as the yoga classes I normally go to, so I’ve had to put the yoga classes on hold for the time being. So I’m doing yoga at home now in the lovely yoga space. My cat’s quite often come and get in the way join me. 



What crafty time I’ve had this year has been organising a Hippy swap on Craftster in the summer, I also did a Hobbit swap, I’ve made some presents and I’ve made costumes. I’ve also become ever so slightly addicted to sock knitting! I love those small portable projects. I have a couple of art journals on the go at the moment, a pair of red zockni’s on the needles, a couple of tribal costuming projects on the go.


For my birthday this year, not only did M buy me a Kindle Fire HD (which I love!!) but he also took me to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which is where the films were filmed!


He also spoilt me with a new camera for Christmas, so I’m busy trying to figure out where everything is on that!

Will try to be a better blogger next year!!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

TTT Hippy Swap!

Hey there! It’s been ages since I posted! I’m just organising the TTT Hippy Swap and I thought I’d share! TTT stands for Three Tiny Things by the way and it’s over on Craftster!

So this is what I made for my partner; a set of ribbon wrapped bangles with beads and a tiny tree charm

Three tiny flower pot candles – all made by me, even the flower pots!

And a hair flower!

Hope you like! I’ll post some more stuff soon, I promise! New puppy has been keeping me busy!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Got to Dance!!

Hey, I’ve been spending alot of time dancing recently…I started a new tribal class which is great fun and I still go to my regular bellydance class!

Of course this inevitably means that a lot of my crafting time has involved costume-making, some of it easy, some of it quite challenging!

I thought I’d share some of last years projects with you.

So this was my most challenging project – a 25 yard skirt for twirling about at tribal class. This inevitably turned into a 24 metre skirt since we are metric here in the UK. Now, maths is not my strongest point. Not at all, no siree! I found loads of great tutorials and formulas on t’internet which made absolutely no sense at all to me. In the end I sat and drew pictures. Eventually my doodling provided me with something I could actually work with (although I had to go to the fabric shop twice because I didn’t buy enough fabric the first time hee hee!)

So I had to learn to gather and sew humongous amounts of fabric. Seriously, I literally drowned in fabric at times. The fabric is a lovely cherry red colour and is light enough to swirl when I spin. I think I almost lost the will to live at one point when I was serging the seams, and I have to confess that I couldn’t face the thought of rethreading my serging, so I used the black thread that was already in it. Which was okay because most of the serging was on the inside. But then I had to serge the hem and by this time I was *keen* to see the back of this project finish!

So I just carried on with the black thread and bugger me, it looks fab! That little edge of black along the bottom looks fantastic cascading down the side of the skirt when I tuck a hem into my waistband.

Now I know why you pay so much for 25 yrd skirts; they are a huuuuuge commitment of time, stress and angst! This might be the last skirt I ever make *lol* I’m not completely happy with it; my perfectionist’s eyes are drawn to the many imperfections in the skirt, but I figure that it’s good enough for class practice. I don’t think I would ever wear it for a performance!

Okay, so I really wanted a pair of melodias but they cost, so when I came upon a pair of black velvet stretchy pants tucked away in my wardrobe, I thought they would make a fine pair of tribal trousers, only they just weren’t wide enough!! So I took the side seams apart and slotted in some black satin fabric

Then, to make them look pretty, I added an appliqued design and some beads and sequins.


Of course, any practice needs a twirly shimmy skirt two and I made a couple of those…

This an asymmetrical hem, elasticated waist handkerchief skirt made from a lovely black lace. It helps create a lovely layered look when you add another scarf or belt on top.

And then this one which I adore, is made from glitter dot fabric – silver on black – it’s gorgeous and really sparkles in the light!

I needed a tribal coin bra for my first ever tribal performance, so I found a black bikini bra (fantastic by the way, since the clasps and straps on a bikini top are designed to be worn.


And because I had some time over Christmas, I raided my scrap back and created this long shimmy belt with side ties and a lovely beaded back swag!

I also made this for fun – and mainly because my fringe was doing my head in and getting in my eyes at dance practice!!

Soo, these are some of the pretty things I’ve been crafting over the last six months *lol*



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