Sunday, April 12, 2015

I can sing a rainbow..

Well, I can paint one anyway! My singing may leave a little bit to be desired. I’m actually not a bad singer though, I was in the school choir (because it got me out of a maths lesson), but I haven’t sang ‘properly’ for ages – does singing in the car count? It makes my vocal muscles ache a bit when I do sing for a prolonged period, which is quite sad really. I must sing more and get my voice back in condition. Anyway, I digress! My latest order made me very happy painting because it became a beautiful rainbow which manifested itself upon my window ledge as it dried, with the sunshine pouring through and casting its beautiful light over the room. Isn’t it pretty?


Did I mention I also created a couple of friends for Toothless? A friend requested Stormfly and Hookfang along with Toothless for her sons and niece. I was quite pleased with how they turned out. You can get them here


I had an interesting challenge from a customer…she wanted a pair of Dr Who glasses with Happy Birthday in Gallifreyan – the glasses I normally do just have the Tardis console symbols (also Gallifreyan naturally). I managed to find the symbols for Happy Birthday and painted them on the glasses in place of the normal symbols. She was so pleased! I wish I’d remembered to photograph them before I packaged them up, but I have the symbols ready for anyone else who might like a set


So what else have I been doing? Well, I gifted some friends and family colouring books for Christmas and when the ones I ordered for my friends arrived, they were so enchanting that I had to order one for myself too! So I whiled away many happy hours over Christmas with this lovely book.

It still continues to amuse me! With so many beautiful pages, and with my trusty set of pencils which M upgraded me too (I was dismayed at the lack of range my 18 pack gave me, so he bought me a 40 pack to surprise me! What a sweetie!) I lovingly colour each page, building up the tones and textures. On each page there is a surprise; a little creature which is hidden away – a butterfly, bee, ladybird or caterpillar, for example. I tease myself by not looking at the following page until I’ve completed the one I’m working on, and that way each page is a delight!

Oh yes, I was totally tempted by the OTT Alice swap over on Craftster. I do love Alice in Wonderland! But what to make? The guidelines were that it couldn’t be more than 4x4 inches. My partner loved the Disney version, and in particular, the Cheshire Cat, so I made her a teeny tiny candle burner.

And then it struck me, if I love Alice, how many other people also love Alice? So that inspired me to create this little beauty for my shop – the Cheshire Cat Glass!

Well, enough for now. Open-mouthed smile






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