Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching Up On Old Times!

Well, I never meant to be gone so long! This term has been crazy, and sooo busy! But let me tell you, I haven’t rested on my laurels. I had a visit from an old friend and her daughter who’d emigrated to Australia two years ago. Lola was a wee baby when I last saw her, and here she is, all growed up at the ripe old age of three years old. Joe’s bigger than she is, but after a hesitant introduction, here she is teaching him how to make pompom’s (we made pompom chicks and I hyped her up with double chocolate cookies – hee hee!). I was a touch jealous of her trousers though, almost makes me want to cut up my vintage candlewick bedspread….almost! 

I bought my mum an MP3 player for Mothers Day and made her a case for it. She was going on a cruise to the Dominican Islands, so I gave it to her early. It has vintage sari ribbon decorating it, and a long cord so that she can wear it round her neck! Poor ole Mum, she went down with bronchitis on her cruise and was too ill to enjoy it!

I’ve been treating myself to the odd bunch of flowers just because it’s starting to feel like spring!

I’ve been embellishing an old hoodie with handspun yarn…

Just simple chain stitch flowers, French knots and blanket stitch.


And I’ve had a card making session or two, with a mixture of new and recycled embellishments.

I found a very cheap online craft site and have treated myself…..

A friend gave me some clothes that she couldn’t get into anymore, so I’ve been taking them in and up. One of the thing she gave me was a beautiful brown and aqua tie-dye skirt which was about three sizes too big for me, I took it in and made this from the scrap, a vintage button and some matching ricrac. The edges of the fabric will hopefully fray and look all raggedy.

The car’s had a few mishaps this month; I accidently took off the bumper whilst reversing it out of a space (yeah, embarrassing, I know!), then the damn thing conked out last week, so I’m now without wheels and it’s torturous! Just as I’m coming up to my holiday too! I’ve really been missing my yoga and dance classes, but the last bus stops at 6 o’clock and there’d be no way of getting there or back, and believe me, my wages don’t stretch to taxi journeys everywhere. The bus is bad enough, costing me £40 a week in bus fare! I certainly don’t pay that much to run my car for the week and I can use it safely at night too! Pah! Hopefully by the next time I speak to you, I’ll have arranged a loan, and I’ll be showing off a new (to me) car!

Roll on Spring holidays!



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