Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yep, I know, it’s been ages since I blogged; as in the Noah and the Whale song…Life Goes On…sorry about that. A gentle nudge from Cazz reminded me that I have been neglecting my dear old blog and all the friends who come and visit me here!  I blame work and life and the internet, and all the good and bad things about real life.

So what have I been up to since I last visited my little corner of the blogiverse? Well, lets talk about the fun things since work is too boring to experience it, never mind to relate it to someone else!

Well, I continue with my yoga classes (once a week) and my belly dancing classes (in full practice mode at the moment since we have a month before the next Hafla and I have 3 choreographies to remember!! That is no mean feat, let me tell you, since I am a girl with very little mental RAM – those who know me will understand my poor memory! I’m also doing some Tribal Fusion classes so I’m trying to learn some ATS dance vocabulary – cues and transitions, that sort of stuff!


And because a girl can never have too many dance accessories, I crocheted a pretty hip shawl with a beaded fringe.

And you can’t really see, but there’s a lovely silver thread plied through this variegated grey yarn – the beads are a faceted black which catch the light.

I’ve also made a pair of black satin tribal style pantaloons and a few shimmy skirts. I’ll get some photos of those another time…

This has not been all however! I’ve been on a bit of a painting bug recently…. trees have been in my mind alot…I painted this one in the New Year

You can’t really see it in the photo, but there’s a tiny black cat sitting on the hill – well, Pippin had to get in there somewhere didn’t she! The trees have been blown around like that quite a bit this year; it’s been a windy year so far.

Then I painted this as a leaving present for a friend..

It’s actually a pen and ink drawing, on watercolour board, embellished with glitter, tiny jewels and angelina fibres, and then framed.

I also had this next one in mind since my holiday to Lyme Regis last year…

It’s acrylic on canvas with sparkling inclusions.

M and I went to London for the day and did the London Eye, the London Dungeons, the London Aquarium and Platform 9 3/4!




I’ve been out and about Geocaching with the Uberhound (especially now the weather’s got nicer, and I have a fancy dandy gps to help me now – an after Christmas treat!)




And the weather at Easter was so nice that M and I risked an early holiday and took the caravan to Glastonbury for a week! What gorgeous weather we had!!

We visited the Chalice Well gardens…

We climbed the Tor twice (and met a friend up there- what are the chances of that?!)

We browsed the shops in Glastonbury town (and bumped into my mum and her friends – what were the chances of that??!!), we spent a day in the Abbey grounds

We went to Wells for a day,

we did a bit of geocaching, we went to a Medieval Fayre and we visited Stonehenge!

We really didn’t want to come home!

Oh yes, I’m in the middle of organising the Hippy Swap Round 5 on Craftster too….

Anyway, that’s kind of what I’ve been up to…more next time!!



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