Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bank Holiday Weekend!

Yayyy! It's the Bank Holiday weekend, yet another opportunity to prove the theory that any time we go away in the caravan, it absolutely must chuck it down! I'm expecting storms and flooding at the very least! This weekend, we are heading down to Wiltshire, to a lovely little pub site alongside a canal. There are a few of us going, so I expect that we will be spending alot of time drinking! The couple that are joining us down there can drink for England! I don't need a crystal ball to tell me that I will probably be suffering a few hangovers! But, hey, what are Bank Holidays for, if not for partying? I'm mentally packing as we speak, although I can't actually do that until I get home tonight!
The main issue is, what craft project(s) do I take? I am currently between knitting projects as I am trying to get hold of the right sized needles for the Kittyville hat (I wanted to treat myself to some bamboo circulars, but they are proving difficult to find), so what do I do until then? I'm reading the Gormenghast Trilogy at the moment, so I'll definately take that, but I do need something for my hands to do! Maybe a panta, that's nice n' easy, and I've got to do one for a swap anyway! And maybe I could start my Star Afgan?
Got the Corgi man coming later, so we'll have hot water again! Yippee!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yep, another swap! This time it's the Craftster Star Swap. Just loads of starry goodies, coz we do love stars! I've made a few things, but I might just have to keep quiet about them for a bit as at least one of the Ski-Fi KAL girls is on one of the swaps I'm doing at the moment, I suspect there maybe another, I'm not quite sure yet! I'll post piccys after I they receive them *whispers* "If you're one of my swap recipients, don't read my blog till after you get your goodies!" Borrowed a great book from the library (Weekend Knitting) and spent the days surupticiously
photocopying projects at work, hee hee! There's a really cool one for a knitted backgammon board, and another for a checkers board! Got to figure it out before I try it though, and I want to do my Kittyville hat first with Vinny.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pondering new projects

Here's my Jayne Cobb hat - finished at last. As it was a mixture of yarn that I already had, it's not quite the original colours, but I think that Ma Cobb would have approved of the stash busting principle! I think I'm gonna tackle the Kittyville hat next, a mini KAL with Vinny (from Craftermath, and also the Sci-Fi Kal group). I don't really have the circular or the double pointed needles for this project though, so before I rushed out and bought some, I thought I'd knit a swatch first as I have a tendancy to knit a little tightly. I dunno, you leave your needle roll on the bed for 2 seconds and when you come back, some cat is using it for a pillow! *lol* Rankin is my oldest girl though, so I guess she deserves to take it easy! It looks like Keilo is using her for a pillow too, but I think that's the camera angle :-) Pippin (the youngest) is downstairs in her hammock - I think shes had a brawl with her nemesis, the cat next door, coz she's sporting a scratch above her eye! Teenagers, eh?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The "Why" Question.....

This is a question that I'm very familiar in "Why am I doing this?" (Answer: Because I am a complete and total masochist!). So what is todays "why" question I hear you ask....well, several weeks ago, I decided that this bag of unsavoury brown acrylic yarn that I have in my posession would be the perfect thing to crochet my dog a bed for the caravan. Okay so far. But my dog is a larger than average german shepherd. This thing is gonna take me, well, forever! As I sit crocheting this flipping thing, which never seems to get any bigger, I ponder just "why" I thought it would be a good idea! Because obviously I am a glutton for punishment!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Well, the magic yarn ball swap is go!! I received details of my swap partner this morning, Sarah in Scotland! She has a pattern she wants to try out involving knitting a kitty and felting it, so she has asked for some pure wool, so I'm on the lookout for that! I asked her to suprise me though, so I don't know what project I'll get! I need to find the 'magic' now too (little gifts to wind into the ball so they drop out as she knits!) Great fun :-) I've got a few bits already!
BTW, I finished my Jayne hat! I just need to take a photo now!

woolly wormhead

woolly wormhead Love these hats! I've got to have a go at these!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Glass galore!

This is what I've been working on lately, some more glass for my shop. I haven't done much painting recently, I've been busy with orders and swaps, and personal stuff, but I think that now the weathers getting cooler, I'll be able to spend more time in my studio! I'm quite pleased with this little lot. I love the bowls, they have an embossed design on the outside, which shows through the designs that I've painted inside, and just gives them that added depth. I'll try and get around to listing them in my shop shortly. I like to give them a week or so to dry fully though!

Busy, busy, busy!!

Okay, so this is what I've made for Bhean for the Craftster Ongoing Wishlist Swap. She had on her wists a black gothic poison glass, an silver amethyst pentacle pendant and a skull candle holder. So I sort of combined them a little and came up with this black candle holder, with a silver pentacle on four sides and an amethyst stone in the centre of each pentacle. It's in her favourite colours of black, purple and cobalt. I was intending to try a skull candle holder, but bottled out, so I made her some little skully earrings too! Hopefully she'll like them! They glow in the dark!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Here there be Dragons....

Well, got onto Craftster when I got home from work yesterday...I really hope they haven't blocked it at work...nah, I'm just being paranoid...or am I? I've been picked to have one of my wishes fulfilled! Yayy, Purrpower is making me a needle felted dragon! Yippee!! I just luuurve dragons :-) Also, I've been a very naughty girl and signed up to the magic yarn ball swap, which just sounded too cool to resist. You choose a one-skein project, and the appropriate yarn, then hand wind the ball, hiding little gifts in it as you go! Then you send it all to your swap partner, and as they knit or crochet the pattern, the little gifts drop out! How sweet is that? I've got loads to do, and lesson plans to write, but a girls gotta have some fun, eh?
The meal was fun last night, though a little too much red wine was consumed! (Bit headachey today :-( ) I'm afraid I couldn't resist the garlic bread, but me and my Sis shared one, so not quite as naughty as it could have been. I just had a starter sized pasta & side salad for the main course, so hopefully that made up for it*lol*

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Craftster swap - ongoing wishlist round 13

Aaarrgghhh!! *stomps foot* I signed up to a swap this morning, and now I can't get back onto Craftster to PM my swap partner for her address or other details! I'm so frustrated!
*breathes deeply* Ok, calm down, I'm sure the server will be back up sometime today! Anyway, I managed to have some time after yoga last night to pick up my Jayne hat again. I've done the hat bit, I'm now doing the earflaps, then it's just the pompom! Yayyy!
It's my brothers birthday today, so we're all going to an Italian for dinner :-) I'm thinking slimming thoughts though so that I don't get too tempted by fattening stuff (better hide that garlic bread, mister!) After my holiday, pigging out on oh so delicious ice-cream, I need to shift a couple of pounds! *lol*

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday night review

Well, I was quite productive last night! I managed to finish my Burtonesque style armwarmers (I know, I know, why am I knitting cold weather stuff in the Summer? It's just so portable, and small projects can be done in the garden. Actually, these armwarmers I made on holiday, and since the weather was so bad, I spent alot of time knitting in the caravan!) The purple is actually more purpley than they look in the photo, and they'll be just the thing for craft fairs or other times when I'm cold!
I made a mushroom pincushion on a whim, it's made on a small pot, so that I can keep little things in it, as well as pins on it. I like stuff to be multi-functional. Thank god for hot glue guns, that's all I can say! It's not perfect, but I was a little merry (vodka and pepsi, yum, yum) and on a mission! I also made quite good progress on my Jayne Cobb hat for the Ski-Fi KAL, so *pats self on the back* good evenings work!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sunshine Saturday!

Hee hee!! The BF's roared off on his Harley and that means...that I get abit of time to myself!!! I think I may do a spot of yoga this afternoon. And the sun's shining, so I might just spend some time in the garden too!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Wrapping up!

I seem to have spent most of today wrapping eBay sales *whoppee*; it's been quite a quiet summer in my shop, but I returned yesterday from the wettest holiday ever (3 solid days of thunder, lightening and rain so heavy it was like sitting in a carwash!!!) to find that I'd sold 5 items, and then another 4 today. So I've been surrounded by bubble wrap and polystyrene packing chips for hours! Don't worry, they're all recycled - I try to be environmentally conscious, and everyone saves packing materials for me! I also have an order of 10 butterfly fairies in the pipeline, so things are looking up. Maybe now that the weather has cooled (*grrhh* couldn't it wait till after my holiday), people will feel like going on their computers again!

Joined Blogger!

Hmmm. I've finally given in and joined Blogger! Not sure that I get it yet, but we'll see how it pans out :-)
I think I spend far too much time on the internet already as it is! Hee hee.



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