Monday, October 27, 2008

Half term happiness!

Hurray hurray! It's half term at last, though it does seem that I'll be doomed to work most of it! I entered it with spirit though. M and I went to Oxjam on Sunday, a musical fundraising event for Oxfam, held at our local venue. It ran from 4pm till 12 and had a mixture of rock, acoustic and comedy acts. There were a mixture of age groups there, but predominantly young teens  (17+ by the look of them). Now because I work with that sort of age group, I'm quite used to em, but M was a little perturbed. Bear in mind that he's an old punk/biker, and the sort of places we've always hung out have been punk rock, biker places, or underground clubs in London. He asked me whether all young girls ran about like little gerbils these days and kept laughing every time a line of girls streamed past like a row of ducklings. He was also amused by the 'airy fairy dancing' exhibited by the bright young things. It was an entertaining night out anyway. We went for a change of scenery and because it was a fundraising event and fairly cheap, but some of the bands were pretty good. We saw a poster advertising the Damned in December, so we'll be booking our tickets for that. Much more our scene. Are we getting old?


So the test? Well, we won't mention that. My mind was as blank as the paper I needed to fill in. I haven't had the results back yet, but I think there'll be a few people sitting next to me with the Dunces hat on *lol* I've been consoling myself with crafty little fripperies. Okay, this next necklace is a repair job to be truthful. It dramatically exploded from my neck one lesson, to the amusement of my students, and after they'd stopped laughing, they helped me to collect all the beads up again. Well, they missed one, but the important beads are there. The star is a moss agate stone and is a lovely green colour with little speckles of brown in.


This one's made up from scratch though. I love the little flowers running through the lamp worked glass beads. Yummy yummy bead porn eh? It's hard to see, but the flowers are a delicate cornflower blue, with little strands of green leaves swirling about. Can't wait to wear this one!


Oh yes, I finished the butterfly on my skirt! The beads on the wings are sewn on over some iridescent sequins that really sparkle in the light. So now there's a dragonfly and a butterfly. Maybe I'll sew more on. maybe I'll be lazy and leave it at that. Depends on how desperate I am to wear the skirt I guess *lol*


You'll be pleased to know that I spent today quite productively. After doing the grocery shopping and queuing for ages in the post office to post some book swaps, I did an hours yoga, then knuckled down to some hard core knitting. Yeah! Rock 'n' Roll baby! I'm now getting to the point where I can start shaping the waist in my hoodie. Yes, real actual progress people! I bet you're proud of me! I bet you all thought, yeah, she's never going to finish that! Well, I still might not, but I'm alot nearer to not finishing it than I was before! I have chronic short boredom threshold and it's quite common for me to keep putting long term jobs off! Tomorrow I have some freelance work teaching pottery, Wednesday I'm going to Alton Towers (a theme park) with a bunch of students, then I'm going to my Mum's for a crafty night, Thursday I have a blood test at the anti-coag clinic, Friday I have a hospital appointment (I've been referred to Haematology by the Rheumatology department - great, another clinic to have to visit!) and then I'm freelancing again on Friday. And that's my holiday, or rather lack of it! I had hoped to get some studying in too, maybe I'll get an odd hour here and there :-) I have an EFL students reading on CD to transcribe using the phonemic alphabet, and you'know, I'm much better at that than I am grammar!

Enjoy your week!  Party


yarndancer said...

Wow, your butterfly's really pretty!

I love M's descriptions of the girls, I can just picture the scene. Very funny!

cici said...

Wow.. what a exciting week. I wish I could trade lives with you. My life seems so boring in comparison. I love your bead work. I love beading but,I seem to never find time to do it.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh The Damned, an old favorite of mine. Have seen them a couple of times but I wouldnt like to tell you when!

inkberryblue said...

Wow, your busy! I love your floral necklace and I think your embroidered butterfly's pretty (and inspiring.) The hard~core knitting sounds like fun. I spent all of last Friday night perched on the sofa crocheting ~ bliss!

Lauralness said...

I AM proud of you!

Kay aka dkswife said...

I love, love, love your flower necklace!




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