Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are we nearly there yet…?

Well m’dears, I believe we nearly are! Looky here! Do you see that hemline?Edging? You see, there at the bottom? I have finished the i-cord edging!! Woohoo! I’ve been knitting my little irregular heart out recently because I’m determined to finish this while I can still wear it, and look. My determination is starting to pay off! I only have the hood and the sleeves to do now, I just have to track down some 5mm dns….

I’ve never done an i-cord edging before, but I really like it!



It’s a nice chunky edging that doesn’t roll up to your armpits (not a good look!) and doesn’t pucker round your hips like ribbing can (also very attractive – not!). I think I’ve found a new favourite way to finish off my edges! It took alot longer than a regular finish, but oh, so worth it, don’t you think?


And my freeform hat? Yep, that’s progressing too. I’ve done the first two rows of bobbles using sample strands of hand spun/hand-dyed yarn that I picked up at a show years ago. You know the sort of thing, much too short for anything really, but gorgeous colours and textures!





I’ve done my first proper ESOL observation now. One down. Lots more to go. I also have a new class to teach, a group of ‘Education to Employment’ kids which need basic literacy, numeracy, work and life skills. A bit of a change to art (which I still do), but it’s not too far from the teaching I used to do in a mental health/rehab centre. The course starts in a couple of weeks and I haven’t even been given the scheme of work yet. Talk about cutting it fine! I would actually like some prep time here please people! I’m starting to have to turn work down at the moment because I just have so much on my plate! Still, I have a three day weekend this weekend. Monday is staff training, which is optional for hourly paid staff, so I’m going to opt out of the *ahem* very useful training sessions such as child protection (done that), dignity at work (whaaaa?) and and emotional intelligence…well, there are definitely some staff that could do with some intelligence, but thanks, I think I’ll pass on that. A few hours extra in bed studying will benefit me much more.

Have a great weekend folks!



Kasia said...

Hey Sweetie, I love your new knit! It's gorgeous! The colour and the i-cord edging are fab! I heard about free form crochet before, but I really like how your hat is coming together. Very Carrie indeed ;)

Anonymous said...

The i-cord edging looks pretty nifty! Congrats on being almost done. :D

maryeb said...

Wow you've been busy.
I really like that i-cord edging too. I must try it some time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i-cord edging is really nice! I've never done it, myself. In the past I've liked turned hems a lot, but they are a lot of work. I'll have to give that i-cord edge a try.



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