Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Theatres ‘n’ Things!

Hey dudes! How’s the Spring Break treating you all? Things have been fun here, though I haven’t done nearly enough work *not freaking out yet but give me time!* but I have had fun! Friday night some friends came over for a natter and we listened to music and played the Wii until the wee small hours. I totally whooped them on golf despite their boasts that they played virtual golf on a regular basis! I managed to get one under par for the tournament and I don’t even know what that means! Everyone was suitably impressed though *lol*

Saturday night the family and I drove down to London, parked on the outskirts and then caught the Tube into Central London to the West End where the show was. The piccies are a little dull, but it was almost seven o’clock at night, so I think they were reasonably clear for almost duskiness!

After collecting the tickets, and leaving Mum and Bruv in the Sherlock Holmes pub,

me and Sis went for a stroll across the Thames, checking out the lovely view, with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben on one side of the river and the London Eye on the other.

Then we headed back to the pub for a swift half with Mum and Bruv, and onto the theatre. Our seats were high high high up in the gods but it was okay because we could just about see, and we had a lovely view of the painted ceiling.

The theatre was great although I don’t think singing is Graham Norton’s forte – he was okay, but clearly his voice doesn’t have the stamina as it was wilting a little towards the end of the show; maybe he was under the weather or something. The other guys were great though! The guy who played Zaza’s maid was fabulous and the Follies were amazing *even if their pins were amazing and much better than mine could ever hope to be – sigh* !

M and I never made it to Glastonbury on Sunday, we woke up and the weather was awful and it had been raining Saturday aswell. We had visions of wet us and wet dog (phewww) attempting to scramble up the Tor, and round Avebury, and even worse, visions of the wet and muddy Uberhound stinking up the car, and not being able to shelter anywhere because, hey, it’s Easter Sunday and every where's closed. *So there’ll be no crystal shopping either then* It’s a postponed trip, not a cancelled one. Maybe we’ll make it this weekend. On Monday, a cousin came up to visit Mum from London with her fiancé, so we went over for lunch with the Uberhound because cousin and her fiancé love Joe and would have given me a bollocking if I’d have turned up without him *lol* Joe loved it of course, he spent the day getting loads of fuss and loads of grub. I think he ate so much that I practically had to roll him home!

And guess what? You might want to sit down here….I have an FO folks!!! Yes, a real actual finished object! My ‘Go for Baroque’ was finished last night whilst chilling out in front of ‘Underworld – Rise of the Lycans’. Hurrah! Yes I know that there are a few ends to weave in and I have to add the ribbon trim, but essentially, it's finished!

I even got as far as casting on the second sleeve on my BPT Hoodie! How’s that for productive!

Actually that was later whilst watching the new Red Dwarf, but still last night. It wasn’t a good night for sleeping last night – I was all tucky up-y and falling to sleep when there was a huge kerfuffle at the cat flap which completely woke me up, so I spent the rest of the night listening to The Stand (by Stephen King) on my MP3 player and crocheting squares for my flower garden blanket. Good thing I didn’t have to get up for work today. Although I have been working hard today. I’ve been evaluating and analysing a text book for my TESOL course! Boring!!!

And now I have a quandary; You see I started back on my Pink Sherbet today and I’m really not feeling it. I think I’ve lost the mojo on this one. It’s been so long since I picked it up that I’m not in the groove with it anymore. So I’m really considering frogging it and starting something simpler. The pattern’s okay, but my head’s just not in the right place for a complicated lace pattern and I can’t remember where I am with it. Sooo, I haven’t quite decided yet, but that’s the way I’m leaning. Frog it and use the yarn for a simpler pattern where the lovely colour and texture of the yarn will be more obvious.


cici said...

Glad your Break is going so well. It's nice photos from London. The ceilings are quite interesting. I love reading your british words(I had to look up kerfuffle)..I still don't know what a piccies is.Your Baroque is beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your Break♥

Samsara said...

*lol* Sorry, I forget some words don't travel well! Piccies is just pictures, as in photos...sorry to bamboozle you all! Ooops, is that another confusing word? :-)

Ria said...

Gorgeous work ( as always) glad you enjoyed your break!

BerlinBetty said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I was exploring out of the country. Your pictures are gorgeous.

smariek said...

I've never been to London before so it was nice to see it through your eyes.

Jolynn said...

Wow! Great pics! How do you get them to have the border like they do?

Thanks for checking out my blog! ^_^

Samsara said...

Thanks everybody! I'm originally from London so going back for whatever reason is fun, although when I got my camera out my sister laughed at me for being 'such a tourist'! She ought to be used to my shutterbug tenancies by now!

Shea said...

Wow! Your sweater turned out lovely. I love all the pics of London. I've been there twice and fell in love with it. I'm dying to get back there again. Thanks for the comment on all my dyes!


inkberryblue said...

I really enjoyed looking through your London photos ~ I last visited in the eighties and they make me feel nostalgic. Your Baroque cardi is gorgeous and I love your flower garden blanket too. Very inspiring! =]

lizzzknits said...

You photos of London brought back lots of fond memories for me. I was there in 2005 while my daughter was there for a semester. Congrats on the FO!!! It is beautiful

yarndancer said...

Your "go for baroque" is great! I love the colour and yarn, it goes great with the pattern! That one's been in my queue for so long, your FO is very inspiring!



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