Friday, June 12, 2009

It’s life Jim!

Wow! It feels like absolutely aaages since I last posted! Sorry about that folks, it's that damned 'real life' thing getting in the way! So what has real life been throwing in the path of Samsara? Well, my TESOL course finally came to an end..yep, I can hardly believe it myself! The moderator/examiner came last week to interview us all, we had small group interviews followed by individual ones - I grabbed one of the first interview slots because I like to get things out of the way, I can't bear waiting around for stresses me out too much. Anyway there was three of us in our first group, we met in the college canteen far too early with plans to check over stuff beforehand, and ended up really making each other giggle about what was ahead of us! The examiner was going to be a monster; he was going to be a pushover; he was going to be a ladies' man and Julie and I would be able to work our feminine wiles on him; he'd swing the other way and we'd leave him to Kevin!

So we got called up to the room for our group meeting and it became apparent that he was not only a waffler (by the end of the meeting he was already running late!), but also very much a ladies' man! In fact he made eye contact with me the whole group session! It got a bit embarrassing in the end and I had to deliberately break eye contact with him on more than one occasion! A bit naughty of him considering there were three of us in the room. When we came out after the group meeting to prepare for the individual meetings, Kevin declared that it was up to me to butter him up for the group because he obviously couldn't take his eyes off me! Well, I shall just say that we all passed with flying colours and I'm sure it had nothing to do with me! Yes, I'll say that again a bit louder in case you missed it....I PASSED!!!!!! Whoooooohoooo!

We all went out last night for a celebratory meal, to celebrate being unleashed upon the (non) English speaking world! It was kind of sad thinking that I might not see some of my fellow students again since some of them live in other towns and counties. I have sent my CV off for several jobs, one of which I'd really really like which is a summer job in Madrid (Spain). The job looks so cool, it's a summer school which teaches art & crafts, English, sports,'d be like a working holiday...with sun! Keep your fingers crossed for me folks! I need some sun, the weather here's been rubbish for the last week or so!

What else has real life been throwing at me..uuuum, I've been invigilating, boring, trying to get the last students finished in their various courses....also boring. I put up the A level exhibitions ready for the moderator next week, hard work and boring! I’ve lost 12 lb so far on my quest to lose the weight I put on during my course! Ooo yes, I went to the Strawberry Fayre on Saturday with my mate and her sons and grand-daughter.

There was this amazing horsebox there which had been converted and looked so cosy, with art and bookshelves and sofas. I just peeked in quickly because I always feel kind of awkward about nosing into peoples homes! The girl was selling her artwork which was fabulous, but I unfortunately didn’t get her contact details – doh! 

Is it a little bit disturbing that my mates sons seems to gravitate towards silly hats and wigs whenever we go to a festival!


M didn't want to come because he's been getting into the cricket and there's been big things happening in the cricket world lately! My mate and I spent the day wandering round the stalls, listening to bands and watching the world go by. I spent far too much money, I bought a lovely pair of patchwork trousers, a rainbow sun top,

a gorgeous rainbow moonstone ring (a reward to myself for passing my course)

and a fairy costume for my friends 40th birthday party in August! Yes, not only do we have party bags and cake and party games, but we also have silly fancy dress themes! I already have an awesome pair of fairy wings that Dragonflyducky made me, and I now have a purple and black dress with built in tutu skirt! I can't wait! I just need to get out my stripy tights and biker boots!

I finished my jacket....

It’s a little on the big side, but I can wear a thick jumper under it if I need to, so it’ll do me into the autumn!

And here we go again because I love the flappy butterfly…



I started a pair of trousers...these are my altered art trousers *lol* so much more than embellished clothing! Look here, I even have a tiny copy of my avatar here...if you ever pass a hippy girl wearing a mad pair of embroidered trousers with a butterfly fairy on, say 'Hi', it may just be me!!!

And of course you can’t even contemplate any kind of fabric project without the aid of your trusty fabric presser! What would I do without my willing assistant?


And more close-ups of some of the details so far…

I've also started a super secret hippy project which I'm not going to divulge yet because my potential partner may stalk my blog and I wouldn't want to give anything away! There's a few days sign-up time left and we already have over thirty swappers! There's so many wonderful people signed up it's going to be hard to chose myself a partner *lol*

Anyway toodle pip folks, see you soon!


Lauralness said...

Congratulations!!!! I hope you get to go to Spain that sounds like so much fun.

The clothes look great! Cat hair is a specialty fiber indeed.

yarndancer said...

Congratulations on passing your course!!!! Yay!!

You're so good at embellishing clothes! I always feel inspired when I see what you've done, just too scared to do it myself lol!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Love that moonstone ring!



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