Monday, December 21, 2009

I’m dreaming of a…….

White Christmas? Yep, there’s only three days to go and the snow is falling, all around us, children playing, having fun…Oooops, very sorry, just slipped into a musical interlude there! It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas here, cheesy films on the telly, Christmas music on the radio (apart from the Christmas number one being Rage Against the Machine; awesome!), snow, decorations….

Doesn’t the snow make everything look fresh and clean and pretty?! Especially when you don’t have to go out in it! I’ve had great fun watching the cars trying to struggle up the hill in the snow. We’re just not prepared for snow in this county; we generally don’t get extremes of weather being slap-bang in the centre of England here!

In fact, for the last few days I’ve felt like I’m living in Narnia.

Joe, of course, loves the snow!

So being in my house all day, cosy and warm with no *ahem* work to do means that I’ve been so productive and creative! Take today for example, I had to stay in for a courier delivery and I’ve cleaned my living room, made fudge, lentil soup and winter spice sugar scrub, knitted half a sock, finished one book and started another. Honestly, I’m like a demon at the moment! Hmm, wrong word maybe? But honestly, I’ve just got so much done since I’ve broken up for the holidays!

Look, here’s a couple of elasticated bracelets that I’ve made for gifts from my oddments bead box..

And this I made for my sister for Christmas!

I even made a cute box to put it in! 

I painted some lovely rainbow light bulbs which are available in my eBay shop…

I also made this necklace for myself out of beads I’ve had around for ages!

Tomorrow, since I don’t have to stay in all day, I’m hoping to get out in the snow again for a lovely snowy shutterbug walk with my new camera! Wednesday I’m visiting my Aunt with my Mum and Sis, then we’re having a girlie shopping trip to Blue Water, the massive shopping centre near (ish) where she lives, and then hopefully M and I are going to see Avatar in 3D in the evening.

Hope you’re enjoying the build-up to your Christmas?!


javede said...

First of all: Happy much belated birthday wishes! I have read your blog posts, but had zero time to comment(I got a half-time job! and I am finally moving out from my parents!!!).
Anyway, it has snowed around here quite a bit too and since I don't have to go to work either this week I can enjoy it much more than say my mother who doesn't even own boots cause the last two winters were so mild...
Beautifull necklaces, especially the green leavy one!
I am finally getting excited for christmas, but if it continues to snow or worst freeze we might have to make other plans. Really, more snow would be fine with me, but please no icey roads! On the second christmas day we plan on driving to denmark to spend a week with friends and that is quite a drive should it be slippery.

Laural said...

Happy belated birthday!!! I get way too far behind on posts lately :(

I love everything you make and these are all beautiful as always!! Enjoy the holidays and the lovely winter weather!



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