Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Joke…

Aaarghh! No snow! Well, no serious snow anyway; not enough for the schools here to declare a legitimate holiday snow day, so poor ole Samsara had to drag her unwilling arse to work. It’s not that I hate work or anything, in fact usually I quite enjoy teaching; some days it’s like free entertainment. Today for example one of my art students asked if he could ‘go to toilet, to do poo’. Um, well of course you can ***, but that was too much information. So *** was gone ages, then eventually he came back to class informing me that ‘poo not come’, grimacing and patting his abdomen'. English is not his first language by the way, and sometimes I wonder whether he’s actually paying attention in EFL classes at all! Two minutes later he announces that ‘I go try again’. Great news, I’m so glad you feel comfortable enough with me to share details of your bowel movements, especially before lunch! Still at least there’s not much marking to do since universally most students ‘forgot’ their holiday homework! They have to hand it in next lesson though, so they’ve ended up with more homework than usual this week. Yes, I give homework out on the first day back. Harsh Miss eh? 

Anyway, enough of the ‘back to school’ stories, I have been very very productive this weekend. Yes indeed, I can tell that you’re impressed. Enjoy it folks, once term’s in full swing again, I will probably won’t have much time for crafting until half term, which we worked out today is only 24 working days away!

Yesterday, as promised, I hennaed my hair and am now sporting a lovely coppery mane.

I frogged and then finished my Retro Rings Tam, using doubled DK (UK) yarn and an 8mm hook. 

It’s quite chunky and hopefully will be quite warm.

I’m planning on wearing it this week. Tomorrow if the outfit allows!

I embellished my long sleeved tunic dress by sewing an organza ribbon along the bottom hem with a decorative herring bone stitch in a black and grey variegated thread

then I free embroidered a wavy line in silver thread a couple of times, and embellished with multi-coloured sequins which I piled up in sets of three to create a flower like embellishment.

Yes, I went with multi-coloured in the end. I had planned to do silver, but I think the little splashes of colour go very well with the black dress. It’s alot more striking than you can tell from the photos. Black doesn’t photograph well, especially using a flash which I’ve had to do since it’s dark here from about 3.30pm and I don’t finish teaching till 6pm!

I even had time to cut out the felt flowers and leaves for my jeans. Remember last year I embellished a pair of jeans with felt flowers? Well, they were too big for me in the end, so I sold them and now I have another pair of jeans to recreate the much loved embellished jeans.

And hopefully, this is kind of what I’m aiming for…

Obviously there’ll be embroidery and sequins and beads and stuff…You know me…

Have a great week!



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