Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Happy New Year to you all!

Well, here we are, the start of another year…I hope that your Christmas was a special one, and that your year to come will be happy, and healthy, and as prosperous as it can be in the current economic climate!

I remember that I didn’t show the card that I designed for school; it’s a photograph that I took last year with a bit of Photoshop tinkering. It looks nice all printed up and glossy and it’s nice knowing that all the parents, business associates, etc will have received one this year.


I was very fortunate this year to receive a new computer which hooks up to the TV that I got for my birthday so that my little craft and work station is truly multi-functional; I don’t really watch telly much, but I do watch DVD’s, and stuff on the internet more, especially when I’m working. It’s such a cute little PC and it fit's right onto the shelf where all my stuff is stored. Apologies for the wires n stuff, but it’s stashed in it’s home now and I didn’t get a chance to photograph it before it was hooked up in it’s new home of Christmas day. The keyboard is usually stored on top of the tower since I usually use it on my lap.



I also got a new graphics tablet which hooks up to it and will help my budding Photoshop skills (okay, they’re pre-buds at the moment, but I’m working on it!) The PC came with PS Elements already on it so I can practice with that first. I have the main program on disc somewhere ready to whack on when I get around to it. I’ve also managed to network it with the main PC so that I can access all the files on there, so even when M’s playing a game, I can still get on with work *sigh*

I also received a rainbow maker; a handy little solar powered thingy which you sucker to a window and the mechanism turns the crystal round and reflects rainbows around the room! I already had one, but it’s old and it doesn’t turn anymore, so this one will go in it’s place and give me rainbows again!



I got a cute dragon incense burner which is guarding the telly downstairs at the moment…



What’s that he’s guarding? Why it’s our fossil collection…all the fossils we found on holiday this year!



and a make your own amethyst crystal tree (with free glue gun!)… and some lush bath bombs…



Even my Secret Santa gifts were awesome this year, I had a bundle of beads (which will always go down well with me!) and a cupcake book (which I am putting away somewhere I can’t see it for a while since it is now time to Watch What I Eat (codeword meaning I gotta shift the festive flab – you know what I mean…all those Christmas dinners…all those munchies…all that sitting around gaming!)


I managed to complete SuperMario Galaxy at last and also Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince which I got for my birthday (on the Wii)! I have played Wii Just Dance a few times, but it’s no fun on your own, so I’m gonna see if I can get the girlies together for a girlie night… this will be a mission in itself since both of my best friends work shifts, usually nights and most weekends! This makes it hard to see them at the same time since their shifts rarely coincide, and hard to have a weekend night with them since their days off change from week to week *sigh*   


I always try to do a little recap at the end of a year and reflect on what I’ve achieved because it’s really easy to look back and only see the bad things.

So here are some of the projects I’ve done this year!

I’ve learnt Tunisian crochet, I’ve made chutney for the first time, I made elderberry jam from the berries in our garden, I went fossil hunting, I danced in two haflas and I started Geocaching. We bottle-fed some baby lambs, hand fed some deer's, we went to Alton Towers, spent two weeks in Devon and a long weekend in Norfolk, I marshalled at a festival and went to the Rage Against The Machine free gig in Finsbury Park. I’ve organised and participated in some swaps, we eventually had our floor laminated and celebrated lots of birthdays. It’s been a good year!



Here are some of the photos that I’ve taken over the year that I love!


Hope your year has been as good as mine  Party smile


Ria said...

Happy New Year to you, your friends and family!

Another year of absolutely gorgeous work!

Samsara said...

Thanks Ria :-)

Taz said...

What a wonderful year! Here's to 2011 being a good one xx

zombiecazz said...

Happy New Year.

Love the new computer and the tree kit. Shame I'm so far away I'd play Just Dance with you. Discovered it just before Christmas, DD got Just Dance 2 for Christmas.

Samsara said...

Thanks Taz and Zombiecazz! Hope your New Year was good! :o)

2paw said...

Oh, I popped by and for the first time EVER, I can see the clicky link to make a comment. So, a belated very happy new year!!!
Beautiful card, a new computer, fantastic. I must seek out a rainbow maker!!
Hope your year is going well.

Cazz said...

Hey Lassie where are you? No bloggie for ages. Miss hearing about your crafting, dancing and days out. Hope you're OK.



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