Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Viewing Figures….

Well, here we are again! I promised that I would blog more and here I am! I must admit that I felt a little cut off in my prime with the last post, I felt I had more to give, whether you wanted it or not. Okay, so I’m sitting here invigilating mock exams and I’m a little bored. Well, I do have some marking to do, but I’m just not feeling the marking urge. Is there anything more boring than marking? Yes, I guess there probably is, but right here, right now, I would rather do anything else than marking. This means that for this moment in time, you are getting my *almost* undivided attention.


So, what else has been going on in my life? Well, M and I have discovered the delights of Game of Thrones. Actually, I discovered it right back in Season One, but M has only recently decided that he wanted to watch them, so we’ve been watching the box sets and have now caught up to everyone else. Season Four is under our belts and we, along with the rest of the World, are eagerly awaiting Season Five. I am desperate to create some designs based on the House Sigils, but I need to have a think about how they will translate onto glass. The idea is simmering there on the back burner.



It’s funny how my viewing habits stimulate my creative juices – does anyone else find this? I received the box set ‘How to Train your Dragon’’ 1&2 for Christmas. I am so in love with Toothless! I wanna dragon! So, of course I had to create a Toothless design. Who wouldn’t want a Night Fury peering over the top of their glass? When I showed a sneak preview on my Facebook page, I immediately had requests not only for Toothless, but for Stormfly and Hookfang too, so back to the drawing board to work out some little friends for the Toothless glass.



Another designs triggered by current viewing trends is the Winchester glass, totally inspired by Supernatural! I can never decide whether I’m Team Dean or Team Sam, but I know that recently I’ve been kinda steering towards Team Charlie! I hope she’s in more episodes coz I love a bit of Geek Girl Chic!



I’m quite sad that the Middle Earth series seems to have come to an end. What am I going to do without my fix of Middle Earth to look forward to each winter? Poor Peter Jackson must be exhausted after, what is it? Ten years? But how wonderful to do that as a job! To spend your working days in Middle Earth! So, to celebrate the end of an era, I just had to create a ‘One Ring’ glass. I’ve been inspired by the LOTR and the Hobbit before, it’s been a lifelong love affair for me.



Wow, I sound like I spend my life watching TV! I must admit, if I’m working or painting, I do tend to have films or box sets on in the background.

Right, off to do some work then….catch up soon!



Cazz said...

Looks like you live in my fandom. Team Dean all the way and Game of Thrones - I'm waiting until it's finished and then going to watch all of them together.
Have you watched Fringe, loved that show.

Toothless is awesome.



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