Monday, September 11, 2006

Kitty needs some Paws!

Yayyy!! I finished the Kittyville hat! (Piccys will follow, promise!) My version has tassels instead of pompoms though 'coz I just hate the way pompoms bounce about on your boobs! And tassels are easier to twirl with your fingers! It wasn't nearly as hard as I'd imagined, so I'm now endevouring to knit some paws! Well, mittens anyway! I thought I might sew felt paw prints on them! *lol* I finished and sent my star swap stuff off, and I received my star swap goodies from Amy! A really cool needle roll made of velvet, some stitch markers and a camo-print pyramid bag were among the booty I scored!
At the moment, I'm working on some jewellery for another swap, I've painted and sealed some domino jewellery, and I've spent an hour tonight sanding down some cd chunks for another necklace. I also sold a pair of goblets on eBay at the weekend, but after firing them, I broke one getting it out! Arrggghhh! After some MAJOR cursing, I e-mailed the buyer to let them know that their goblets may be a little late as I'll be doing them a replacement! Can you believe it? Spent Saturday night at my Sis's, getting drunk, scoffing garlic bread, and working on WIP's. I took my Star afgan and got a bit done on that, and Sis was working on her tiger cross-stitch. I think we had a DVD on in the background too, but I can't remember what it was, coz we were waffling! *lol* She's just become single again and after a long distance relationship, is looking to score some pussy...ha ha ha!! That got your attention, didn't it?? She really, REALLY wants kittens! But can we find any? Seems like the Cats Protection league has done too good a job! Cat's cost more than coke round here, and I'm not talking the cola variety! One place she looked was charging £85 for moggie kittens!! Yep, you heard right! 85 quid!!!


vinny said...

pics up of my kitty hat and knucks :)

they came out great but i didnt do felt paws on the palms, more because of time than anything else, i sent this out today as a very late birthday present to a close friend of mine. come and let me know what you think!!

Samsara said...

Were these the piccys on Craftermath? They looked fab!! I've finished one mitten and started the next. I've just been so pushed for time recently though! I hope to finish them before the weather gets cold enough to need them! *lol*

vinny said...

are you using a pettern for the mittens or making them up as you go? i quite like mittens but have never made a set, yet. i like those fingerless glove/mitten combinations, i quite fancy making some of those up.

Samsara said...

Sort of a bit of both! I'm about halfway through the second mitten now, so I'm hoping to have them finished before the first cold snap! Maybe I'll make some for Christmas pressies too!



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