Monday, November 19, 2007

Packages galore!

Whilst digging out my winter wardrobe, I came across my Star Blanket, so I put it on the bed whereupon it has instantly been claimed by each cat in succession. Here's today's occupant, Keilo. It's funny how they each lay exactly in the middle of the star *lol*
Saturday was pretty crappy, I had a nightmare journey to a craft fair in the middle of no-where, was stuck next to the most aggressive sweet seller ever, who kept blocking off my stall and poaching all my potential customers. Saturday night I was supposed to be having a few friends come round, but no-one made it. There was everything to fillings falling out, to deaths in the family. Unfortunately no-one thought to let me know, so I wasted my Birthday waiting in for people who didn't show up. It's not like they don't have mobiles. If they'd have let me know earlier, I could have arranged to do something else.
Sunday was better, M and I went to the earlybird showing of Stardust at the pictures. I like going to the flicks in the morning, it's cheap, it's not as full, and you don't get the temptation to stuff your face with popcorn, although that has been known *lol* Stardust is pretty good, it's a Neil Gaiman film and it's a visual spectacular. I love Robert DeNiro in it, and Michelle Pfiffer is great too. It was like a who's who of British talent too, Mr. Weasley was in it, Rupert Everett, Peter O'Toole, Sienna Miller, Ricky Gervais, David Walliams, and loads of others, and Charlie Cox who plays Tristan is just adorable!
Then we went to a local diner for lunch with my brother and sister. We had a good laugh and my brother gave me the new Harry Potter DVD for my birthday, so we watched that Sunday night.
Would you believe it, it actually snowed on Sunday night. I managed to take a couple of photos before my camera batteries wore out.
It's like a winter wonderland!
It didn't last though and was gone by the morning. I posted off about 4 swap packages this morning (had the day off work *hurray*) Candles and a panta for KittyKill.

2 sets of stitchmarkers and a beaded spider for Annchen.

And 2 sets of stitchmarkers and a felted cosy for them for Maria.

I also sent off Lidia's Slytherin scarf and some candles for the HPC secret Santa swap. Unfortunately it looks like Rosemary's parcel has been intercepted by thieving Muggles, so I'm going to get together another package for her.

I had a couple of great packages today too. Dulcinea sent me
this amazing pendant, the Felt Fairy sent me this fantastic stocking and goodies, and IntrepidYarn sent me this for the Stash swap. Thank you everyone!


javede said...

First Happy belated birthday wishes!
Sorry saturday was so crappy. I too waited for a friend to meet me and in the end she didn't show up either, though I had guessed that by then as I had called her and she was extremly late from work.

Laural said...

That stinks that they didn't even bother to call you!

I love everything that you have made! I also love everything that you made for the felt fairy. Pink stockings rock!



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