Friday, November 16, 2007

Stocking Stuff!

Hurray! The Felt Fairy received her stocking so I can finally post pictures of what I sent to her. (What a miracle, I sent something first class and it actually arrived the next day!) So this is what Penny's stocking started life as, a Monsoon jumper. Well, this is the jumper after a boil wash in the washing machine. It was a size 14, but at this point would probably fit only a four year old. If anyone's interested, Monsoon jumpers felt really, really well *lol* It was lovely and thick fabric at this point, perfectly felted. It was the first time I'd ever tried felting a jumper in my machine, so I'm happy at how well it turned out.
Next I drafted a curly toes stocking shape, loosely based on one that Penny had in her Wists and cut 2 shapes from the felt. The felt was lovely to cut and felt really nice and textured. I did worry that sending felt to the Felt Fairy might have been like sending coals to Newcastle, but I really couldn't find a fabric that I was happy with, and the jumper was the perfect colour!
This is the stocking after I finished embellishing it. I sewed a couple of ribbon and lace trims at the top and some sequins and shisha mirrors on the body of the stocking.
I had to hand sew the two pieces together because it was far too thick for my sewing machine, so I blanket stitched them together using a silver crochet thread. I added a matching pink bell at the toe too.
And here's the contents.
A sparkly fluffy corkscrew scarf. I kind of made it a practical black, white and grey, which I figured would go with most things.
A Santa Panta. the marabou pompom is removable so that it can be worn on a coat or something.
A quick action shot!

And this is a snowball bracelet! Well, it reminds me of little snowballs! They're vintage pearl beads on a memory wire bracelet.

A pressed flower keyring with added fairy dust, for a bit of summertime in the depths of winter.

A handmade scented candle.

A rubber duck that changes colour according to the temperature of the water. I thought it was so cute. There were glow in the dark ones too, but I liked this purple one.

This is a cute item too. Look, a baa lamb...

And underneath it's a rubber stamp!

I also made a fimo tree ornament.

And a mini mirror with fimo on the back, in a little case.

This is a handmade, hand painted clay tree ornament. It could go in or outside. It's a traditional partridge in a pear tree.

Some handmade winter spice soap with orange, cinnamon and clove oils. It's also coloured with cinnamon powder.

I also sent a mini manicure set which I forgot to take a photo of. Hopefully I'll get my stocking tomorrow! I'm so excited! It's starting to feel Christmas-y. The weather's getting colder and it's been frosty every morning this week. Apart from being cold, which I hate, I love the crispy brightness of a sunny winter morning when the sky's blue and there's a frost.


The Felt Fairy said...

I love the stocking, it's my fave colour and my fave fabric! Cant wait till you get yours - there are some spooky similarities!!



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