Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Week!!!

Well, I am officially older and wiser!! My Birthday was on Monday and although I had to work (boo!) it wasn't all bad. Working in education kind of means that if your Birthday falls on a weekday, you have to still work; no time is allowed off during term-time. So my special day was spent in the art room, then M and I went out to dinner. The day started off wonderfully with this beautiful morning sunrise.

M gave me a flying lesson for my birthday!! I'm so excited! I get an hours lesson at a local airfield in a small single engine, light aircraft! I have the certificate, I just need to book a date. I think a spring flight might be good. I get to take the controls and everything! I wanted something for my birthday that I'd always remember and this is perfect. It was a complete surprise! I just said I wanted an experience, and M definitely did me proud! I get to fly one of these!

We had a family celebration the night before at Sis' house with new kitten Senka definitely the start of the show! She decided that Bruv had the most comfortable belly and made herself comfortable there!

I received some wonderful presents: Mum is buying me a passport! Hurray! Bruv gave me a a bracelet with the 'One Ring' inscription on from the Lord of the Rings and Sis gave me this!!!

Look! It's a mini microwave kiln!! Wow! Who knew such things existed?? I can fire PMC silver and glass in my microwave!!! I can't wait to have a go at this! I'm trying to source somewhere to get a bit of dichroic glass so that I can have a go at fusing some into pendants!!

I am a lucky girl! I haven't been able to get much crafting done this week; we've had a busy busy week. We have a new pc which we've been slowly getting up to scratch (M is super excited about it, it has amazing game playing capabilities), we also have one of these...

Yes, we succumbed to a Nintendo Wii and have been playing it with friends all week. Such good fun! Of course this means that I haven't been able to get much studying done this week for my TESOL course (ooops) 'must try harder!' It will soon be report time, and Christmas Ball time, and party time, and all manner of indulgent activities, so I really ought to get ahead of myself on the work front.

I've been wearing my Meret this week and have had a few compliments on it, but sadly haven't got any further with my BPT hoodie. I really wish there were more hours in the day!



Taz said...

Belated Happy Birthday petal. Sounds like you had a lovely time despite being stuck at work and boy did you get some good presents! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Looking forward to seeing the results of the microwave kiln!!

zombiecazz said...

Happy Birthday fom me too.

Im also looking for more hours, but haven't found them yet.
My DS has a WII great fun, but I don't play much as it eats into my cooking, cleaning, working and crafting time.

Looking forward to seeing the results from your mini kiln.

Littlelou said...

Happy Birthday!
Intrigued by the mini kiln!
Oh and sorry you have been tagged on my blog, haha

yarndancer said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lot of fun, and I'm totally jealous about your new comp and console! :D The microwave kiln looks so cool, and omg a flying lesson!!! Lucky!!!! Have fun!

ducky said...

Happy happy birthday! I didn't kow those kilns existed! Please post the results when you try it out!



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