Saturday, November 01, 2008

Something wicked this way comes...

How was your Halloween? I spent my morning at the hospital, yes more tests 'n' stuff; apparently I have the anticardiolypid antibodies and the Lupus Anticoagulant antibodies and they act against each other making it very difficult to stabilise my INR levels. Not much is known about how my different aspects of Lupus interact with each other, not many doctors understand it apparently which is probably why I seem to get different conflicting views of it all each time I see a so-called specialist. Anyway, the specialist I saw yesterday wants me to take aspirin as well as Warfarin and wants me to come to Haematology for my INR testing. She said that people with Lupus usually end up having to have more blood tests than other users of Warfarin because it was so hard to stabilise them, and I asked if that was why the nurses had such a problem getting my blood to flow, and to get enough to fill a vial, but she said no, that was because of another part of the Lupus. It gets very confusing!! The upshot of it all is that she's decided to try me with finger prick testing (like diabetics have) which will allow for quicker testing and instant results, and will allow my meds to be adjusted there and then, instead of having to wait. This will also relieve my poor ole veins which feel a little battered at times, especially when I have to have both arms drained to get enough blood for the test. She's also running another Lupus test to see if my Lupus has changed since the last test they did.

I spent my evening at a Halloween Belly Dancing and Burlesque night...wishing I could dance like this...

and this...I love this song and the sentiments of the words! 'Start wearing purple..'

Check out the YouTube video if you don't know the song!

Everyone left with a treat..this is what I pulled out from the Trick or Treat bag!

It's difficult to see my wonderfully Gothic outfit here, befitting a Halloween burlesque night, but rest assured, there was black crushed velvet, red stripey tights, big boots and red coloured hair falls. You can't really see my make-up too well in this photo, but it was there and alot more striking than it seems *lol* I just felt the photo needed a little sepia tone for that authentic Gothic look.

So what have I been up to today? Well, I've been contemplating these beads! Aren't they pretty? I shall have to dig through my bead stash to find the prefect compliment to these. I have a feeling that I have the perfect beads already in an assembled necklace, but I might just deconstruct it!

Is anyone else doing the Woolly Wormhead mystery KAL beret over on Ravelry? I started mine today, using my hand-dyed yarn. Look, I swatched 'n' everything! Aren't I a good girl? Maybe a variegated yarn wasn't the perfect choice to show off the pretty stitches that Ruth is promising in this KAL, but it's the only yarn I have in this weight (I kid you not!) and I can't justify buying any new yarn.

I had a helper....

I knitted the first clue this morning in bed whilst watching an early morning fix of Pirates of the Caribbean which just happened to be on Sky Movies! Hee hee, Johnny Depp first thing in the morning and tea on tap (courtesy of M), what more could a girl ask for? I did today's clues and felt a little frustrated that I couldn't continue, but maybe it's a good thing I couldn't, I would have wasted the whole day in bed *lol* See my pretty stitch markers? The little gold beaded ones are what Ceci sent me, and the dragon ones are some that Laural made for me a few years ago. See Laural, they're still going strong and prettying up my WIPS!

Have a wicked weekend everybody!

Vampire Bat


Ceci said...

Hi Samsara! Following you here from the blog comment train. :)

1) Love the soap. Ida been thrilled to pull that from the treat bag. :) Lavender is my favorite.
2) Check out -- she's a sweet, sweet lady and posts now and then about living with lupus.
3) I adore the colors of your KAL yarn!! So bright and pretty. Hope you'll keep posting pictures of it. The pink yarn you commented on at my blog was Malabrigo in Shocking Pink.
4) Glad you like the markers and that they're coming in handy. My sister Entrelac makes those ( and I just love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Love your little kitten! Hope you're on your way to recovery.
Sandra Singh

Emerald said...

I figured I should leave a comment somewhere since I read the comment train thread at Rav. Your Halloween night looks like you had a blast! I'd love to belly dance, but I have more belly than dance at this point.

Lauralness said...

OMG! That's so cool! I still have the first pair that someone from Germany made for me.

It looks like you had a lot of fun on Halloween! We had to walk around and stand at the end of driveways while the kidlette beggared candy. Not very fun.

ducky said...

Looks like you had a nice Halloween! Well,except for the bloodletting part).
I hope they can figure out your strange blood chemistry....lupus sucks!
Can't wait to see the hat finished-is that Kool-Aid dyed yarn?

Kay aka dkswife said...

((Hugs)) to you about your lupus. Those belly dancers make me jealous. I would like the body of one ;)

dkswife from Rav. Blog Train.

Kay aka dkswife said...

((Hugs)) to you about your lupus. Those belly dancers make me jealous. I would like the body of one ;)

dkswife from Rav. Blog Train.

Michelle said...

Beautiful yarn! I love the bright colors! It sounds like you had a great Samhain! I had to put the with the in-laws on mine. :0( It was my daughter's 8th birthday though, so we did get cake! (But I forgot the ice cream until Monday. oops!)

Has the kitty said mischief managed, or is he still running amok in the secret passages at Hogwarts with that beautiful yarn?

Samsara said...

Thanks for commenting everybody - Ceci, I already visit Kkhymn's blog and we've chatted before - I've had Lupus for a long time myself. I didn't realise that Entrelac was you're sister - thank her from me for the lovely stitch markers!
Emerald and Kay, women of all shapes and sizes bellydance - it's good for you and great fun! Just go for it!
Laural, sounds like you had a very sweet halloween!
Ducky, yes, it's Kool-aid dyed yarn! Wonder where I got the Kool-aid from eh? *wink*
Michelle, hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday (shame you didn't get to celebrate Samhain!) Said kitty is still running amoke - her mischeif is never managed!



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