Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Simply past photos!

So this weeks lesson plan for my TESOL involved the simple past and talking about childhood so I asked my Mum to dig out some photos from the archives for me to use, and boy did she pull out some corkers! This is me sporting a very natty knitted trouser and cardi combo, with a crocheted poncho! Look, you can see the cables on the trousers! I can only imagine that my Nan knitted that particular outfit for me because she loved cables – I don’t think my Mum was very keen on knitting, she preferred to sew, she sewed her own wedding dress, and those of her bridesmaids. I remember Mum had a knitting machine at some point and she churned out  jumpers and things (which we hated at the time because everyone else had shop bought stuff and it made us feel like poor kids to have hand-made stuff) but I don’t think she really enjoyed it. Funny how things change isn’t it? She did make us some awesome clothing though – I had a pair of tartan bell bottoms which were sooo Bay City Rollers that I felt the kiddie in them. Okay, if you’re not from the UK you probably won’t understand much of that last sentence, but trust me, it was all very cool! At the time!


I believe she made this dress too! That’s my lil brother there, nicking my trike! Lurve the bowl haircut Bruv - actually Mum cut our hair too! All these early photos my Dad developed and printed in the bathroom. Dad’s Dad had been an keen amateur photographer and had taken photos of the 1914 Naval Review in London coz Granddad was in the Navy (he was bombed twice and shipwrecked once). They were unofficial photos because it was still a reasonably new thing then and he was very young. My brother is now a medical photographer and I have photography qualifications and stuff, so I guess you can say that photography’s in our blood. You really take your parents skills and things for granted when you’re young; my parents were do-ers, they made things, they did things, they read, they had hobbies, they took us out and showed us the world. We were lucky, some people never have that start in life.    

Anyway, I have one more teaching observation to do and then some assignments to complete; then it’s compiling my portfolio ready for assessment! Eeek! It feels like time’s running out now and panic’s starting to set in! I’ve also been asked to do some English teaching at school next term, as well as my art teaching and my vocational studies. I’m soo busy at the moment, summer can’t come quick enough for me (wait, I think I agreed to teach some summer school this year too!)…who needs holidays!? I’m just going to clock up the money to see me over the summer months when I don’t get paid, so it’ll all work out in the end!

So what else has been going on with you guys? I finished my flower pin, you can see it above. Each petal layer is blanket stitched with a different colour of the rainbow and I found a lovely spiral button for the centre. I have also have a jacket and a cardi waiting for embellishment, and I’ve been slowly but surely working on my  Hoodie. And I’m ashamed to say that I got a bit of startitus again! I crocheted some granny squares for a blanket; purely stash busting you understand! I *ahem* need the space…yarn takes up so much room! That’s my excuse anyway! I have this week left at school and one week left at college, and then I’m on holiday!!! Hurray! If only I could have a proper break but I have assignments to do, lessons to plan… *sigh* who’d be a teacher eh? Who else has to work during their holidays? I have got a lunch date arranged, a jewellery party and a night at the West End in London. Suppose I can’t complain!

Toodle oo folks!


smariek said...

I love the old family photos.

katknit said...

Love the flower. Beautiful!



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