Monday, March 02, 2009

Freeform hat-top

So I have survived another week. Life is good. I’ve done my second and third observations which both went okay; not perfect but not too bad, that’s why we do them after all. To learn from our mistakes. I make a few but I’m trying to learn from them. Each lesson is better than the last. I also survived the first class with my new group; Vocational Studies. They’re not a bad bunch of kids, they make me laugh and I’m sure I’ll be pulling my hair out with some of them soon. In fact I already know which two in particular! We started with a human knot and an arctic survival ice-breaker (no pun intended!)

Craft wise I’ve done the whole hat for my freeform hat now, with lots of hand spun and textured novelty yarns.

I finished the earflaps Sunday morning – I should really have been writing my comparative/superlative lesson plans for this weeks observation, but I just needed a break and I wanted to get the bulk of the hat finished. I just have to finish the decorative bits  and I’ll be done! I managed to get the lesson planning done anyway. I’ll be so pleased when I’ve finished the TESOL course and can relax a little in my downtime. At the moment I feel like all I do is work!

And look, I made a nail! I bought some teeny tiny gems  and painted my thumb nail tonight. Okay, I was just playing, to see how difficult it would be to do the whole lot. The left hand would be a doddle, but the right might prove problematic! It would probably be easier if I had false nails because then I could paint them before I applied them, but to be honest, my hands are regularly covered in oil paint or acrylics, clay or some other stuff that means I have to scrub my hands.

Raaar! Just look at that paint job *lol* I wonder how long the little gems will last? This photo was taken yesterday, which is lucky because I cut my thumb badly earlier (I got in from teaching at 7pm and couldn’t be bothered to cook and sliced my thumb open whilst trying to prise apart  frozen English muffins with a large kitchen knife. Wow! So much blood! Who knew that a thumb could bleed for over two hours?


cici said...

what a cool hat.. Love the ear flaps♥

Rosie said...

I am liking that hat.

Lauralness said...

Cool hat! I remember trying to paint my right hand too. The left would be all perfect and pretty and then the right would be all manky and slopped on my fingers. LOL

Taz said...

That's one funky hat ;)
Kitchen accidents are a nightmare I once sliced open my hand on a tuna can and had to go get it glued back together. :/ Another time I stabbed my hand trying to prise 2 frozen burgers apart. Maybe I should have a chef.

I said...

Funky Hat <3 ! Have you tried to put clear polish over the nail gems? That tends to make they last a little longer.

Jenn said...

This hat is VERY fun!! Nice work!


smariek said...

Ouch! What I hate even more is how thumb cuts tend to feel more painful than other cuts because we work with our hands so much and also have to wash them more which contributes to the pain.

yarndancer said...

OMG, two hours! Your poor thumb!

Cool hat!



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