Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tassels and rosebuds

I’ve finally finished my tassel belt, well at least for the time being. You know how it is, I’ll probably wear it once or twice and then decide it needs adding to! This is completely a stash and recycling project; the belt started life as one of those fabric tie belts that you get with cargo style trousers, the fringing on the belt is some upholstery fringing, the tassels are made from stash yarn, the buttons are a bunch of random metal vintage buttons from my button stash, the pearl beads salvaged from necklaces given to me by various people at different times and I’m so not a pearl person! The cowries shells were some that I’d bought at a Hafla for costuming, so yes, they were  sort of in my stash I guess. The belt wraps round and does up with poppers (press studs?)

I made the tassels at the back sort of taper down in length like a fish tail and I strung vintage pearl beads between the tassels for fun. I think this’ll be a practice belt so I’ll probably wear it with a shortish skirt. I was kinda trying out a few ideas with this belt, so it’s not for any occasion specifically; just for fun!

I love these buttons! I also really like the contrast between the black and the white. The yarn was a mixture of novelty yarns, some quite fluffy and hairy, some really silky and shiny.

I’ve also been embellishing this skirt. It’s quite a long full skirt – very gypsy like and apart from the lace panels it was quite plain. Maybe it’s the weather getting warmer, the longer days, who know, but it feels like quite a spring-time skirt and so I felt the need to add a little something to it.

I found these gorgeous little violet ribbon rosebuds that complimented the green in the skirt perfectly. So I just randomly sewed them around the bottom of the skirt! Much better!

The weather’s been beautiful today'; cold, but very sunny! It's hard to believe that a week ago there was thick snow on the ground! Now look at it! This is tonight’s sunset. Look at those lovely clouds.

And a bit later out of the side window! Gorgeous!

Yesterday I went for a check-up at Haematology and they decided that they didn’t need to see me any more unless there were specific problems with the meds. So they discharged me! Yay! I’ll only have to go to Rheumatology for my Lupus check-ups and the anti-coag clinic for my INR checks. One less set of hospital appointments means a little more time for me! Hurray! Apart from that, I’ve been lesson planning, assignment writing and today I taught a bunch of kids how to make coil pots. They were very weird and wonderfully wobbly pots but they were very young kids. Should have thought to take my camera really! It’s back to school/college on Monday with all the work that that entails! I’m going to enjoy a lie-in tomorrow I think!


Ria said...

It's amazing what you can do with simple everyday things!!

yarndancer said...

Wow, your belt is amazing!!!! love (a billion)!

Lauralness said...

Yay! NO more hospital!!!

Great belt! I also really love the little rosebuds on the skirt. I had a flashback when you said coil pots. I had to made one in one of my art classes in high school. I'll definitely have to find it and snap a picture.

dacg said...

Wow, the talent is mega!! I really enjoyed your blog and looked at some of the others. Thank you for sharing your info. A great idea for swapping..


Reed said...

That tassel belt is pretty sweet. What are you going to do with your extra free time?

BeebaBottoms said...

gorgeous stuff!



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