Monday, February 09, 2009

Snow joke!

Yes, it’s another snow day! I’m a little relieved because I have a heavy cold and haven’t slept, but the downside is that I’m not going to be able to give the observed lesson that I’ve spent all weekend preparing! I’ve been playing with my new laminator which I bought to help me prepare professional looking materials that should be a bit more durable. I’ve been making flash cards and board games, and also these!

So I didn’t actually spend all weekend working, I was quite the social butterfly! Saturday lunchtime I went to the local Stitch n Bitch session with some of my local Ravellers. We had hot chocolate and chocolate cake and were all snuggly and warm despite the blizzard like conditions outside. Unfortunately there were also small people there with very shrill and screamy voices and I did come away with a whacking headache. I was a bit worried about my WIP being covered with sticky chocolate fingers, and a cup of tea was knocked over someone's projects that they were trying to assemble. Luckily the victim was the perpetrators Mummy so the tears were saved till later presumably. I didn’t quite like to ask what yarn had been ruined by said flailing limbed toddler, but it looked soft and silky and very expensive looking! *Eeek!* I finished my project quicker than I’d anticipated (a One Skein Scarf for a friends birthday) and so I was able to help out one of the other girls who was trying to learn to crochet. I did warn her that I don’t crochet  text book style, but she said she tried copying the books and found it really awkward, so she was happy for me to show her how I did it. It was nice that she managed to make a sizeable section of crocheted fabric by the end of the afternoon.

This is what I was making; a One Skein Scarf for my friend for her birthday. I used two shades of fingering weight green yarn, held together for a nice variegated colour effect.

My friend’s a red head, so I knew these colours would suit her. The lighter green is a mohair blend so it made the scarf lovely and soft! The funny thing was, out of seven of us who were there, three were redheads. That’s unusual isn’t it? :-)


So that was how I spent Saturday afternoon, then Saturday night I went round to my friends for a birthday party. There was supposed to be about twelve of us there, but in the end there were only seven of us; the others couldn’t get there because of the bad weather. (Our weather is coming in from Siberia at the moment!) So we had take-out pizza, silly party games like pass the parcel and we had party bags (we all took a few little bits to contribute to the bag), bright pink iced birthday cake and balloons. We tend to have adult kids parties and they’re normally riotous! The next one will be fairy fancy dress themed :-) We haven’t decided yet whether it will include a pub crawl! This was my contribution to the party bag, laminated bookmarks to commemorate the event! 

Of course there was plenty of magical glittery fairy dust incorporated into the bookmarks, most of which is still magically enhancing my desk and floor here!

I also made Susie a button brooch since she’s been admiring mine for a while.

So here’s some photos of the more sedate moments of the night.  I had to censor the others!

Susie’s Barbie pink birthday cake came complete with magical relighting candles which took about fifteen minutes to fully extinguish!

We all came away with something from pass the parcel.

Ally’s cat Bentley came down to visit the girls.

And when I got home, Pippin helped me to eat the piece of bright pink birthday cake that was in my party bag along with the sweets and chocolate; the radioactive glowing bracelet, party poppers and those things that you blow through the end and the rolled up paper tube winds out. What are those things called again?

And just because we may never see this much snow again for a while, here’s another picture perfect snow scene!

Well, I’m not one to turn down a bit of fun time, so now I’m going to go downstairs and get all my chores done as quick as I can, and then I’m going to play on the Wii for a while till M gets home. I’ve just ordered the Wii Fitness Trainer so I’m waiting excitedly for that to arrive. It’s a shame that just owning the stuff isn’t enough to get you fit, you actually have to have the time to use it too!


Leslie said...

for a girl with a cold, you get a lot done! Nice knitting by the way! Your four legged boy is pretty sweet looking, I grew up with a GS named Angus... don't ask. hope your feeling better soon!

Lynda said...

Hope you feel better soon - our snow has melted now here in Blaenau!

ducky said...

Sounds like you had a nice time! Pippin is just adorable...especially with pink icing crumbs. I hope you get over your cold quickly!

smariek said...

Hope you feel better soon. I like how your photos look like old photos with the photo corners.

cici said...

you are a busy thing arnt you 8)That snow seems to be going on forever. Great photos



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