Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Yes, it’s been a busy, busy week or two here in the world of Samsara! This is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last week or two, or indeed since the last time I spoke to you:

  • I finished and handed in one portfolio
  • I finished another portfolio to be handed in tomorrow night (1 more to go)
  • I finished an assignment to be handed in tomorrow night
  • I took on teaching my group for another class because the teacher had resigned!
  • I went to bellydance class – the Hafla is not far away now!
  • The dishwasher blew a fuse and tripped the house power out several times, but I managed to find a brand new one for free on Freecycle!
  • I went to yoga
  • I started dieting seriously (as opposed to half-heartedly) and I’ve lost half a stone so far!
  • I dyed my hair a black cherry colour on impulse
  • I went to see Coraline in 3D with my best mate!
  • I went to see the new Star Trek with M – amazing! Yes, I’m a sci-fi fanatic and I’m not ashamed to admit it!
  • I knitted more of my Sunkist
  • I crocheted more of my garden blanket
  • I’ve taken the Uberhound for walks
  • I’ve tidied my space endlessly in ‘task avoidance’ jobs
  • I’ve played Wii with friends

M blew up the main PC (thank goodness for my trusty little laptop here *kisses keyboard reverently*) and we’re waiting for a new ‘thingy’ which will hopefully sort it out! Luckily I have TESOL stuff backed up here on my laptop, and on several memory sticks, so I’ve been able to manage.

As you can see, the knitting and crocheting has been going swimmingly!

I finished early today because my students had an exam, so the Uberhound and I went for a walk along the canal near my house. 

Everything is blossoming! Very very pretty, although a pain in the arse for those of us who suffer from hayfever!

The sky was a beautiful blue today although there was a cold wind blowing.

I don’t walk this way much in the winter, it gets too boggy, but it’s lovely when the weather’s nice and you get barges travelling along the Gran Union Canal!

Joe often takes a slurp from the canal; I remember when he was a puppy, he was mooching alongside the canal and all of a sudden I heard this ‘plooooop’ sound and he’d disappeared! I saw this panicky little head pop up from the water and splashing as his little paws tried to gain purchase on the bank. In the end, I had to reach in and grab his collar and scoop my arm under his bum and haul him out! I was drenched! I’d never be able to do it now, he’s much too big; I think he weighs almost as much as I do now! I tell him now that if he falls in, he’s on his own! 

Phew! What a busy couple of weeks it’s been! What have you been up to? Wink


yarndancer said...

Wow, you have been busy!! Well done on doing all of that! Did you like the Star Trek movie? I'm a bit unsure about going to see it.

I saw a dog jump into a canal once, he was walking with his owner who was on a bike, saw some swans, and you could just see this look of "WOW SWANS!!!" come over his face. He bounded into the canal, and soon got chased away by the swans :D He couldn't get out either, his poor owner had to pull him out physically. Luckily my dog's too much of a woose to try anything like that!

javede said...

Wow, that's quit much done! The garden blanket looks fab, wish I could start a project like that now, but I don't really need another blanket at the moment...

The boy and I decided while we were in Copenhagen this weekend for a little trip, that we need to go for a walk much more often. Our feets, legs and backs agree (as do our "enriched" bellys ;-) )

VictoriaG said...

Beautiful photos! And the garden blanket! So lovely!

Alexandra said...

The blanket is beautiful! I love the little flowers! Beautiful pictures too!

Bhavna said...

Those colorful squares are beautiful!



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