Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making hay while the sun shines…

It’s half term! Hurray for holidays! I have a week off now. I have to do a bit of work, one of my assignments for my TESOL portfolio was done on the wrong pro-forma so I have to transfer it and tweak it a bit. I might have known it wouldn’t be that straight forward *lol*

You know I’ve had this verucca on my foot for years; seriously, years! Probably about thirteen years now. Every now and again I’d go and get it frozen and I’d regularly use all that stuff from the chemists, and natural things like thruja and lemon oil, absolutely everything. Alot of people think that if you leave them alone, they go away on their own, but I have this auto immune disease which has probably prevented my immune system from dealing with the damned virus! Now someone suggested I try duct tape. Yep, that stuff you get from the DIY shops. I cut a small square and taped it onto the bottom of my foot over the verucca and this is what it looks like today. I’ve had the tape on (not the same bit, fresh stuff every day or so) for about two weeks and it seems to have lifted the verucca out of my foot. Sorry if this is grossing you out, but I was fascinated. How does it work? Look you can see where the skin thickened up round it to cushion my foot. That slit is where the verucca was. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it comes back. I mean, a no chemical was of tackling veruccas? Bloody brilliant! 

It was Dad's anniversary the other day, he loved sunflowers so I took some up to the cemetery and kept some here to remind me of him. I love the colour, so sunny!

My friend Sarah sent me this through the post to mark the day. A sunflower cushion which will go wonderfully with my garden blanket to make my garden bench comfy for the summer.

Anyway I’ve been a little naughty the last couple of days and instead of studying I’ve been enjoying the sunshine trying to get the garden into a bit of order ready for the summer. I’ve been moving plants in the garden, this is a fuchsia and a rose bush moved to new sunnier positions where I hope they’ll flourish. I’ve moved Norbert and Figment to watch over the new plants too.

As always I had company whilst I was toiling away.

I have a new bucket of cherry tomato plants to nurture thanks to M’s mum.

And some runner beans and strawberries…

The aquilegia look beautiful…

The sun beamed down on us all day…

And gave us the most fabulous sunset…

And I finished the body of my Sunkist! Just the arms and neck ribbing to do now and I’m done.

I’ve managed to embellish my jacket a little more with some blanket stitching around the sleeves and pockets…

I’m not sure if I’ll do any more. I’m debating blanket stitching around the whole thing now, along the bottom of the jacket and up the sides and round the collar. What do you think?

Current weight loss stands at 9lbs! I’m starting to get back into clothes that haven’t fitted me since this time last year!

Oh yes, I’m organising another Hippy swap over on Craftster, head on over if you want to take part!


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I lurve the photos on your blog! (even the foot! LOL) The sunflower cushion looks so cozy!



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