Friday, September 11, 2009

Crafting update – Summer Slamdance

I’ve been crafting away on my swaps for the ‘Invite Your Partner; Summer Slamdance’ swap over on Craftster. My partner is Javede and here are the things that I made for her:

Firstly, I made her a baker boy cap from 100% lambs wool in a lovely brown colour. Javede doesn’t like acrylic for things that she wears or holds.


I know Javede has admired my glass painted creations, so I painted this sweet little glass candle holder for her.

I also made her a cushion cover based on one in her Wists. I combined a couple of her Wists; a cushion cover, and the colour combination of one of her scarves. I loved the brown, cream and pink combination. The front is little flowers and the back is a large granny square. I made the cushion inside too to make sure one fitted! 

I’m beginning to see a bit of a theme her, the next thing I made her was a sewing set; Javede had quite a few cupcake themed things on her Wists, so I used that theme, which meant that brown and pink colour combination again. I covered a tape measure

I also made a matching pincushion

and a needle case

and then I created a pair of cupcake themed knitting needles made from doweling, with polymer clay tips


She had some cute little chocolate charms on her Wists as well, so I made some tiny little charms to make stitch markers from. I made them so that you could use them for knitting or crochet. I loved how these turned out, so I can see myself making these again!

I could see from Javede’s Wists that she also likes brooches and hair clips, and the marytroska dolls are a favourite theme, so I made her a set combining all these.

and lastly, although Javede likes handmade soaps, she doesn’t like strong scents, so I made her some unscented honey and oatmeal vegetarian soap. I hope she likes it all!


inkberryblue said...

What a lucky swap partner! I especially like the crochet cushion, your beautifully painted candle holder and those sweet (pun intended) chocolate stitch markers. Lovely work. =>

Lauralness said...

Oh wow! Awesome everything!!

Lynda said...

Love all your crafting - but especially the stitch makers and cupcake set!

yarndancer said...

Wow, lucky Javede!!! All your crafting is so awesome! I especially love the hat and candle holder, but really, they are all so cool!

Ria said...

Your swap partner sure is lucky!! Definitely see a pink/brown theme - but that makes it both easier and more fun I think. I must say I really love the cupcake knitting needles and the chocolate charms!!

javede said...

And I loved receiving all of it! I was one happy girl the day I got to open your package!!!
I have since used every single item except for the soap and the wishing star. Especially the stitch markers came in really handy as I just started a crochet project and barely own any crochet markers.



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