Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holiday adventures (first and second day)

M and I decided to take our first proper holiday for a few years and head down to Cornwall with the Uberhound and the caravan. I had pre-booked tickets to the Eden Project and we were looking forward to being away. So we got up early Monday morning and packed the caravan up and headed down to Cornwall. We sailed down easily until we got to the last twenty miles or so, and then the roads started to narrow. They got narrower and narrower, and at one stage a big Land Rover came bombing round a corner and forced us onto the wall at the side of the road which ripped part of the caravan edge off; look what a mess they made of it!

And then to make things worse, we burned the clutch out on the car trying to get the caravan freed; who knew that the roads in Cornwall were so steep! We limped the last little bit to the caravan site and sat stunned for a while. What could we do? We were in the middle of nowhere, literally. Our car didn’t work, we had the caravan, and the mobile coverage was limited. We decided to see if there was a local garage first that the farmer recommended but we couldn’t do that until the morning. So we had a glass of wine, to calm the nerves you’know, and watched the sunset while I journalled the days events in my art journal.

We spent the rest of the night stargazing. We were looking for Mars which was supposed to be huge tonight, as big as the moon, but it looked regular size to us. We had the telescope, but failed miserably to line it up with any of the stars shining above us. And there were millions! Much more than we could see at home with all the urban light pollution.

It rained all night and I’m hoping that the caravan doesn’t leak with that edge ripped off, but we can’t do anything about that at the moment. We rang the garage that the farmer recommended the next morning but they wouldn’t have the part until Thursday, so we rang Green Flag, our breakdown company, and they came and picked the car up, and M went with them to the garage where he rang me to tell me that it was going to cost around £500 to fix the car and we wouldn’t have the car for another day or two! So we’re sitting here now, in a caravan in the middle of nowhere. The view is beautiful but I’d rather be out and about.

I hope the rest of the holiday is better than this!


Izabela said...
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