Saturday, March 07, 2015

Somewhere over a rainbow….

Okay, I love rainbows. I always have done. I’m a rainbow lovin’, hippy tree hugger. And proud of it. How do I show this aspect of my personality? Check these babies out….

Yep, just hit the ‘Buy Now’ button, so these will be winging their way to me in the next few days. I actually saw them in Oasis in Birmingham over half term when I went there for a shopping/eating/socialising day of complete gluttony with some friends. I actually spent quite a bit of money at the Hippy Buddy stall  in Oasis (Birmingham) because they had a sale on, so I just couldn’t justify them at that point, but I just couldn’t get them out of my mind, so I succumbed to the temptation tonight. Well, I needed a break from painting. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I have far more harem pants that a girl probably should in her wardrobe, but what the hell! They will look great with my Christmas presents from M (aren’t they awesome?!)

Anyhow, I’ve been busy busy this week; dragons and peacock feathers and Dr Who designs have been keeping me busy. I’m currently painting a set of Dr Who glasses that say Happy Birthday in Gallifreyan! I’m also mulling over a Star Trek themed design in honour of Leonard Nimoy, one of sci-fi history’s greatest hippies. I’ll update you all when I have something worked out. Also toying with a carnival/Easter crazy coloured designs too!

Continuing with the rainbow theme, I’ve just had an order for a rainbow range of my Egyptian Lily glasses for a lady's holistic treatment room… I’m looking forward to doing those in a gorgeous spectrum of colours! She plans to use them as candle burners and I can just imagine them twinkling in a glorious rainbow – they’ll be so pretty in a darkened room! Mmmm, may have to do something similar for myself…I have some glasses that someone gave me that aren’t really suitable for drinking, but they’ll make perfect candle burners….

Tonight I’ve been painting along to one of my favourite Supernatural episodes of this series (Series 9) where Dean mind melds (a Trekkie reference?) with Colonel the Germen Shepherd, that episode just cracks me up! Watching Dean standing at the window with the Colonel shouting ‘Hey, Hey, You, You’ is just what I imagine Jack is saying when he’s barking!

I must admit, I’ve been so busy recently, I haven’t had time to do much else in the crafty sense, but what I need to do at some point soon is make myself some zill mufflers – zills are the little finger cymbals that bellydancers use – our current choreography is a challenging one with half the troop using veils, and half zilling. I’m not a fan of veils, so I’ve opted for the zills, but they are quite noisy and they send Jack into a frenzy of doggy excitement, so I need to muffle them a bit, like so….

So I’ll need to whip the old crochet hook at some point soon!

There’s also a swap on Craftster that I’m very tempted by, an Alice in Wonderland OTT (One Tiny Thing), you basically craft 1 thing which is max size 4x4x4” to send to your partner (based on their likes etc). I think I could manage to squeeze one tiny thing into my hectic schedule and I do so love Alice and especially the Cheshire Cat (I have more nerdy Quertee t-shirts that are Alice themed than is probably healthy for a grown-up!)

You know what? This has given me a great idea for a new design…..

Ta ta for now!




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