Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

Hands up who's eaten and drunk far too much over the last couple of days? *Waves hands in air* 'Me, me!' I feel like a little barrel now *lol* It has been good though. I spent Christmas Eve with M and my mate, we girls managed to drink a bottle of Baileys between us! Christmas Day I spent at my Mum's after visiting MIL in the morning. M visited with me, then spent the rest of the day at home watching football, drinking beer and listening to music really loudly. He's not too bothered by the family thing, and I like the whole long day with my family, cooking dinner, eating, drinking, and playing games. I normally walk halfway home at about 5 or 6, and M walks down and meets me halfway. Then M and I usually spend Boxing Day together as a mini Christmas day. My camera battery decided to run out Christmas morning, so this is practically the only picture I got, my little bruv shot through the beaded curtain as we're just about to sit down for lunch.
So anyway, I received some wonderful presents from my wonderful family as usual. M gave me a Nintendo DS Lite (the last one in town apparently) and a bundle of games and accessories, so I have become totally addicted to Brain Age the last day or two. I started off Christmas Day with a brain Age of 80! (Eeeek) I whittled 10 years off that to 70 yesterday, and also learnt and became addicted to Sudoku. My Mum and Dad gave me this gorgeous Selenite Lamp.

It's well over 12 inches tall and has a rotating base that it can sit on, which shines changing coloured lights up. It's so pretty, and a good cleansing, spiritual stone. I also received a massive pack of coloured card and foam sheets, and some Chinese Letter stamps. My brother gave me the new Pirates of the Caribbean - Worlds End DVD, which we watched last night, and a jewellers ring clamp. My sister gave me a Paua necklace, a bracelet, a hula hoop DVD which looks like fun, a new Anne McCaffrey book, and some funny cat coasters. I also woke up yesterday with a cold and sore throat *lol* as I spent the day on the sofa, eating, drinking mulled wine, playing my new DS and watching DVD's (Pirates and the Hogfather), I managed to cope. Oh yes, we did dash out and buy a new microwave. Hopefully this one will last us a little longer than a year :-) My mate and I will be going to see the Golden Compass on Friday, a girlie outing, and we have to decide what we're all doing for New Years Eve yet!


Laural said...

It sounds like you had a great Christmas!! I am so jealous that you have Hogfather! I'm going to make a little paper chain calendar that counts down the days until March when it comes out here.



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