Monday, December 03, 2007

Hats galore!

Life has been a bit of a whirl recently, but I have been able to finish off a few projects and start some new ones. Here is my Flora scarflette, with matching hat, at last finished and assembled. I toyed with the idea of putting a flower on the hat, but I thought that would be a little much, so the hat is adorned only with the merest hint of flower stalk at the crown *lol*
And here's my one skein scarf, which will be a Christmas gift for a friend. I tend to take knitting and crocheting projects to my craft fairs with me, so I can be productive, even when customers are thin on the ground.
I finished this one at the Fishmarket Christmas Craft fair on Saturday - we have one every Saturday in December, it's not a bad venue, but it's freezing cold. It's an old Victorian Fishmarket and it's often colder in there than it is outside.
I got around to starting the 'Sock of Doom' - my very first sock project. Isn't this gorgeous yarn that Annchen sent me along with the DIY kit, with full instructions. It's going well so far, but I haven't reached the heel yet!
I picked up this French knitting dolly thingy ages ago, but haven't really had a chance to play with it yet. It's got more prongs than the average dolly and a wider centre hole, allowing me to try French knitting with wire and beads. I had planned to make a bracelet, but it's not quite long enough, so I may dismantle it and have another go as I quite like the effect.

Yep, I've been painting more glass:

And I'm soaking my wreath rings ready for adding fresh stuff. I need to research exactly how to do it though *lol*

Ooo and look what I picked up from Freecycle the other day - loads of beads! :-)

I fancied a Santa hat to wear whilst I'm doing my very cold Christmas Craft fairs, so I started this last night. It's basically the Pixie hat I made for a friend for Christmas, but with a white band round the bottom, a red body and it will have a white pompom or tassel, I haven't decided what yet.

Phew! What a long entry - I had loads to catch up!


Laural said...

Wow lots of stuff! I love everything! As soon as I saw the sock yarn I just went Oh yeah that's Samsara.

Samsara said...

LMAO! Yeah, how well you know me Laural! :-)

javede said...

Love the Flora scarflette, it's on my ever growing list, but I have to finish(make that start and buy yarn first) a christmas gift scarf first before I continue any other project.
Sock knitting is fun, you'll see. I like to knit socks inbetween other projects...only not at the moment as I don't even have enough time for my main projects.

Karan said...

awesome score with the freecycle beads!
I like what you did with your dolly bobbin too, I need to make a wider one and give that a try now ; )



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