Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Coats and cuffs

You know I had a whole other post written this morning! It was fantastic! Then Windows Live Writer crashed and gobbled my post up. *Sigh* Still, I do love the Live Writer. It makes blogging really easy and usually safer than doing it online in Blogger. Especially now I've enabled the autosave option *doh* Should have done that before! It has all these cool plug-ins like the Polaroid picture plug-in that I've become so fond of in the last couple of posts. You have noticed my new fancy Polaroid pictures haven't you? And when I'm all done, I just upload it all to Blogger! Easy!

So my Hippy Swap is all organised and partners assigned. I have a pretty cool partner and hopefully all my swappers are happy with their choice of partner. I have a couple of ideas that I'm working on for my hippy swap partner, and also a couple of projects that I'm working on for my personal swap partner.

I finished these wrist cuffs for jrain in the OWS over on Craftster and she received them today, so I can now post piccies. She had some on her Wists that I made for somebody else in a previous swap, so I made a couple for her too, though not the same design. She gave me her wrist measurement and I added an inch on for comfort and cut a strip of felt which I appliqued a bird and a couple of butterflies onto. Then I randomly embroidered swirls on it and sewed a popper on to fasten it up with.

The second one is a sheep design; they're pretty crazy looking sheep which I can only assume came from the after effects of my wild weekend, although it might also have had something to do with the Dr. Who episode I was watching. Let me just tell you, especially if you're overseas because it won't have aired where you are at the moment I don't think, it was f*#&ing amazing! I literally had my heart in my mouth. Season 4 episode 12 'The Stolen Earth'. WOW! Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it, but I just can't wait for the next episode!! So, back to the sheep. They're a little crazy. I like that about them. 



And on the back, I sewed another strip of felt to stop the stitches rubbing against skin, and there's the other side of the popper.

I also finished the cord jacket! I didn't go too mad with the embroidery, just around the bottom and the cuffs.


I used some rainbow shisha mirrors from my stash and embroidered different flowers and swirls.


I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, the weathers been quite warm for the last day or two, if you can believe that!

We're still having to boil the water here. The local water authority is installing a UV treatment which should make the bug harmless...notice they don't say 'kill it' or 'remove it'. It's obviously going to still be there.

Sleepy   I'm off to bed now, I've promised to help Mum tackle the shed tomorrow. What is it about blokes and their sheds? Our shed looks the same as Dad's - you have to lean in to get what you want. There's actually no floor visible there.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, keep an eye on this space. I'll be having a giveaway to celebrate my third Blogoversary!


ducky said...

The jacket looks great and I LOVE the sheep cuff!

tasket basket said...

Your cuffs are awesome! I love them both, but the sheep are too cute! And your jacket looks amazing! I love the colors in the embroidery.



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