Saturday, June 28, 2008

Social Butterfly!

I've been quite the social butterfly the last couple of days! Thursday night I put on my glad rags, my hair falls and my make-up, smothered myself with glitter and got on the bus to travel to the Hafla with all the girls. We got there early enough to be able to run through a couple of the dances before the show started; the first one went through perfectly, but the second was a disaster! We all had set places in the choreography and because a couple of people weren't there in time to do the practice, it really muddled us all up. It's funny how you rely on visual clues and certain people being around you. We were all then terrified about the actual performance thinking that we'd all mess up, but it was fine! Both performances went without a hitch and we all floated off the stage in a complete high!

There were some really great dancers there, and some complete beginners, but we all had good fun, enjoyed the dancing, ate and drank plenty from the group picnics and danced at the free-for-all at the end.

I love these costumes!

I admire anyone who can do a sword dance, particularly in a group!

Friday night I had a barbeque to go to at school, which I'd kind of been dreading as Dad worked at the same school and I knew that people were going to want to talk to me about him and give me their condolences and stuff. But I also knew that I had to go and show my face because people would want to see me, and also if I kept putting it off, I would fret about it all summer and going back in September would be much harder. I knew it might get a bit emotional and it did. However, my Head of Dept turned up with a bottle of vodka and after sharing the bottle with her, I felt alot better. We have a good understanding.


The same night I also had an invitation for a birthday party for one of the girls from college, so when I left the BBQ, I headed off round to my friends where the party was being held. It was in full swing when I arrived so I gave my gift to the birthday girl, poured myself a drink and joined the fun. We had big fireworks in the garden; one of the girls partners does professional firework displays and he'd set up a *cough* small display in the garden. Okay, it wasn't really a small display, we had to put our hands over our ears the bangs were so loud and the garden was way too small really, but you only live once! *lol* They also had some Chinese lanterns which were like hot air balloons, you lit them from underneath, let the balloon heat up and let it float off into the sky. Two went off without a hitch but the last one caught fire and went sailing off over the rooftops, then we heard the police helicopter coming over so we ran back into the house giggling like school girls. We also had party games; pass the parcel, cutting up chocolate with a knife and fork and a pair of gloves, and also a pinata!

And so here we are, Saturday afternoon and I'm not really feeling fragile anymore, but I'm quite tired; I've been out nearly every night this week, so tonight M and I are having a night in together!


Sarah said...

Sounds like fun :o)

Thanks for your comment on my sock struggles - got them finished in the end!



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