Thursday, June 26, 2008

Never tickle a sleeping dragon...

I treated myself the other day. Mum and I went to a great garden centre where I spied this little sweetie on a shelf. I always promised myself that if I found another garden dragon I liked, that he would come home with me. Meet Digbert, Norberts little brother.

As I was photographing him this afternoon Keilo decided to come and investigate...

First she kissed the camera....

And then she kissed Digbert... He is obviously welcomed to the family!

Marks sister gave me this yesterday; isn't it beautiful? And the colours co-ordinate perfectly with the rest of my garden

We're having some problems here in my home town at the moment. Our local water supply has been contaminated with the Cryptosporidium bug and we've been advised that neither we nor pets should drink the water without boiling it first. We're not even allowed to brush our teeth with out boiling the water first. This is a real pain for me, I drink loads of water and if you boil water, it takes ages to cool enough to drink. I don't want to keep putting hot water in the fridge because that will knacker the fridge up. We've been told that the bug isn't dangerous unless you're very young, or very old, or have an auto-immune disease. Well, that's me buggered then! Pah. Local shops have pretty much sold out of bottled water; I did manage to buy an eight pack earlier, so we have a bit to last us. Thank god we don't have kids. Maybe I'm just suggestible, but I do feel a little queasy and crampy every now and again!

Anyway, tonight is the Hafla. Yay! A Hafla is a bellydancing party. We all take food to contribute to a sort of indoor picnic (in Britain it's safer to picnic indoors *lol*) and the drink flows freely! I'm looking forward to it in trepidation. It's a good fun night, but I have two performances to take part in; that's two choreography's to remember! Luckily I won't be on my own, so if I forget, I should be able to copy someone near me until I remember *lol*

This is what I've whipped up this afternoon to take for the party 'picnic'; mini falafels balls, which I bake in the oven to be a little healthier,

and mini pitta bread pizzas. There's also some cheesy garlic pitta bread, and some carrot and celery sticks. I've had to soak those in cooled boiled water!

They should be all cool now, so I can pack those up for later; then I'm free to get ready for tonight!


tasket basket said...

I love your story with Keilo and the dragon! So cute!

And the falafel looks yummy! I hope the water situation is worked out soon.

Do you wish a belly dancer good luck or break a leg? I send appropriate performance wishes! (I hope!) ;)



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