Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Red is the colour of blood....

I have been ever so slightly preoccupied with the colour red recently! Maybe it's my regular letting of the old red stuff coursing very slowly through my veins, maybe it's the pretty red pumps I treated myself to the other day, maybe it's crafting in Gryffindor colours for the HP swap I'm doing over on Craftster at the moment, I just don't know. All I know is that I'm just loving that colour at the moment! Look here, I went into Hobbycraft the other day to stock up on supplies and I saw this big ole glorious, gorgeous red heart pendant with a millifiore centre. It calls to me Precious....sorry, a slight LOTR moment there. I had a load of random red beads at home and I just knew there was a project in there somewhere.

So this is what I made. It kind of reminds me of Tia Dalma's heart necklace from the POTC. Hey, listen to me! You can tell I've been hitting the DVD collection recently! I've had the Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, the Alien Quadralogy (is that how you spell it?) with promises of random Alien/Predator battles to come. Normally in August, the DVD player isn't even switched on, I'd be out in the garden, but this year, the weather's been so awful that I've actually had lap blankets (yes, blankets people!) spread over my cold little tootsies during my film and fibre fests.

I've also discovered a couple of online film streaming sites and alternative swapping sites. Naa, not that kind of swapping, but book swapping! I'm so lucky; I've scored so many decent books recently; some Stephen King, the Philip Pullman trilogy that the Golden Compass is based on, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Kathy Reichs who writes the books that the series Bones is based on, a Garth Nix book which is supposed to be similar to Harry Potter, and some Michael Crichton books. I'm trying to find the Kite Runner for Mum too. I'm enjoying this period of respite although I could seriously do with some money. I start my TESOL course soon and I just know that when I do, I won't have time for crafting and reading and stuff like that.

Oo yes, look what I did yesterday! I made a glass etching! Why oh why does that term have sniggery connotations now? I received a couple of bottles of glass etching paste from Frosty in a swap a while ago (you know you just can't get that stuff here in the UK) and tried it out yesterday. The full and probably quite boring story of how I did it is over on my 101 blog but here's the glass that I etched. It's just a boring ole water glass from the kitchen that I used as a test, but I just love the sweet little butterflies (there's been lots of butterflies in my mind this month with the visit to the Butterfly Farm) and I can see that there'll be quite a few people receiving etched glassware from me this Christmas.

Startitus struck me again today. I cast on/ chained on (?) 'Go for Baroque' from the Happy Hooker in a lovely emerald green yarn plyed with silver that I had in my stash. I also want to make a black Short n Sweet and a multi-coloured Sparkle Hat. I have a pile of clothes I want to recon, including a lovely red (yes, red again) skirt which will match my shoes and necklace!! So many projects, so little time!

I also have homework for my TESOL course. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

That necklace is just beautiful - I love the colours. Red is a great colour to get addicted to!

Dropone said...

I love the etching. Very pretty!

zombiecazz said...

Adore the necklace. Was just thinking to myself that I need more red in my life.



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