Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thank you Ducky!!

I received a wonderfully generous gift from my friend Kerstin of Duckyknits yesterday! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I've been experimenting with covering biros with polymer clay for a particular swap I've been working on. The pens I was using just weren't up to scratch and the recommended biros (according to the Internet gods) are these Bic Stics which aren't available in the UK. Kerstin offered to send me some and surprised me with two packets!

She also included some KoolAid, which is another thing that isn't available here in the UK. She sent 27 packets! She's earned herself some pretty good Karma here! Kerstin produces some amazing dyed roving and yarns which she sells through her Etsy shop Chimera. I'm deeply in awe of her fibre-y talents, so this'll give me a chance to try and emulate her a little *lol*

She's not only a great dyer and spinner, but also a fabulous felter and has sent me one of her felting kits to have a go at. It's a lovely autumn leaf brooch which I admired on her blog. She makes the most amazing needle felted playmats which she also has in her shop. 

You know I just couldn't wait to have a go, so I tried some of the KoolAid out on this sleeve (from an old woolly jumper that I felted). It will eventually become a water bottle carrier, but it was a horrible colour, so I added some purple and some red KoolAid and I'll take scissors and needles and thread to it shortly. I see the elasticated cuff becoming the opening for the bottle, the cuff will stop the bottle coming out and I think I'll add a carry strap to it too. It's nearly dry now, so I can attack it soon! Fun fun!

I'll be back at school soon, I also start my TESOL course in a week or so and picked up a book this afternoon to help me complete my summer assignment! Not so much fun, but essential unfortunately. It's a pretty punished schedule, 2 nights a week plus the odd Saturday for the first couple of months, and then once a week plus the odd Saturday after that. I'll still be crafting though, don't worry about that!

Time to hit the books!




ducky said...

I'm blushing...such lovely praise for little me! You are such a sweetie-pie : )
I love the color you dyed the jumper. Any time you need kool aid or pens just give a holler!

The Three Tearaways! said...

Ducky - can I say thank you too! I presume the pen was my Harry Potter wand - and if so I love it!!!!!! So very much!

And, the pen writes awesomely too!!!

Thanks Ducky, and MASSIVE thanks Samsara!



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