Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A rose by any other name....


Since I was released from hospital, I should really have been taking it easy, but there's just so much to do and I'm not really a person who is able to loll about if I'm feeling okay. I have to be literally on my deathbed to be confined to bed, and I guess I've been trying to make up for last week. I've received some lovely flowers from my dear little Sis, and some from friends of the family and the next few photos are ones from those bouquets. I really love this one, a lovely pink rose from my Sis's bunch.

I'm not sure what these beautiful little green flowers are, but they're so pretty next to all the pinks. Does anyone know what they are?

I just love the boldness of gerberas. They're so colourful and happy.

Although my arm is starting to feel a little better, it's still not up to scratch, so I've been easing into things. I made some sugar scrub the other day. It's a mixture of brown and white sugar, with olive, soya and almond oils, and a blend of lavender, rose and geraniums oils for scent. It smells heavenly and leaves my body nice and soft. As olive oil is on my list of banned food stuffs now, I might as well use it for my skin!

Then I made some body butter to match. This is a 50:50 blend of cocoa butter and coconut oils, gently nuked in the microwave till the oils are all liquidy, then lavender, geranium and rose essential oils added and mixed. I let it cool in the fridge. I love this stuff, it's absorbed so easily into my skin!

On my way back from my daily visits to the hospital for blood tests (I now have an INR level of 2.9, so I'm in the target range now and no longer in the 'at risk' level - hurray!) I treated myself to these cute pumps. Aren't they sweet? I'm now going through my wardrobe to find red coloured stuff to wear with them! In fact I wore them on Sunday with a black gypsy skirt and a red peasant top since it was my Bruv's birthday and we all went to the pictures to see The Mummy 3 and then went for a meal. The film was pretty good, but I ended up missing the last 5 minutes because my anti-coagulant nurse rang to tell me what dose of Warfarin I needed to take that evening. It's a bit of a ritual at the moment, tests in the morning, dose adjustments for the evening, but vital since an overdose of Warfarin could cause me to bleed to death. Kill or cure, eh?  

I don't have to go for another blood test now till Friday which is brilliant! Believe me, my veins feel like pincushions and are so sore, and the inside of my arms currently sport all the colours of the rainbow. I also think I'm starting to become sensitive to the tape they use to put the dressing on afterwards. They use surgical tape since I'm allergic to elastoplast, but my arms are feeling red and sore, although that could be the layers of skins being pulled off every time I take the tape off! Ah well, can't complain. I know I got off lightly!


ducky said...

Cute shoes! I always loved red shoes since I was little. SOOO glad you are doing better. I hope your pin cushion days will be over soon!



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