Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hello September

It's September. Back to school and college. Back to a regular paycheck (hurray). Back to crummy weather - haha - that one's a joke y'know, we've had crummy weather aaalll summer long (apart from 2 weeks which were glorious - yep, those weeks, you know the ones I'm talking about). We've had terrible rain all week and parts of Britain are starting to flood, dog walks are wet and short and the house smells of wet dog all the time - yuch! I haven't been back to work full time yet, school doesn't start till the 15th, and college has just been having induction week this week. I have two jobs - one as an art teacher in an Independent School where a lot of students are from overseas which I love but is only part-time. I have students from all over Europe, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria, as well as Britain. They're here to learn English and also to gain qualifications to enable them to go to University here. I love teaching art and I love the international flavour of the school, all different cultures blending together, I love to see what they bring to art from their own countries.

My other job is at the local FE college, working with students with Special Educational Needs (I've had over eight years experience working with students with brain injuries, mental health issues and special needs). This year I have a few days 1:1 with a student with Aspergers Syndrome in the art department, so I get to mix my two skills. I've done 2 days induction with him this week and he's such a sweetie! Outwardly he doesn't appear to display many of the traits associated with Aspergers - his face is animated about 50% of the time, he understands more than direct instruction and he appears to socialise well, but I can see subtle characteristics every now and again; he doesn't like crowds and when the room gets busy, he shows signs of stress - he starts frowning and he puts his glasses on repeatedly (he tells me he only needs glasses for when he concentrates) and he has problems conversing and concentrating. Overall he is very bright and if the induction days are anything to go by, he'll be a pleasure to work with.

So it's been a busy week, I've been to college, to yoga, my belly dancing teacher is on holiday, so no classes this week, I've performed complex duct tape surgery on my Dyson (I have a love hate relationship with my Dyson, it randomly throws itself down the stairs in an effort to escape me!), I went to the pictures with my mates to see Wild Child, a complete chick flick, but we had such a laugh! I nearly didn't recognise Aidan Quinn though; he looks so old, if it wasn't for those trademark bue eyes...

Wild Child

Released: 2008

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Wild Child

Emma Roberts, Shelby Young, Aidan Quinn, Georgia King, Ruby Thomas, Juno Temple,

It's a good thing the cinema wasn't that full though, we laughed the whole way through it, and not necessarily because the film was funny! It was good to have a silly girls night out.

I have been crafty too! Remember the jumper (I think Americans would call it a sweater?) sleeve? Well, this is what it became, crafted whilst listening to a Doctor Who audiobook!

I kept the cuff as the opening so that the bottle could slide in and out, but also be kept securely without a fastening. I can pretend to be a wino and drink from the bottle whilst it's in the cosy! I found a cute flowery button that was nearly the same shade of the cosy, and cut random circles from the scrap felt that was left to add as decoration.

I embroidered the circles on with embroidery silk, and used a blanket stitch to go around the wrist strap too. I wanted to be able to hook it around my wrist and still have a free hand for holding stuff.

And look! Aren't I a good girl? I've been doing my homework! I even *gasp* cleared a reasonable space on my desk and removed the protective craft cover to get in the mood! The only thing that was distracting me though was that I noticed that my trusty folder (which I've had since Sixth Form) has definitely seen better days. I like this folder though; it has a piece of elastic which cunningly holds it all together and shut, and because it doesn't have a ring binder, I can put handouts and things in without losing them, or having to carry a hole punch around. I may have to re-cover it and put a new piece of elastic on.

I've been doing an assignment on tenses - simple and continuous (progressive) tenses, active and passive, perfect tenses, and parts of speech. Here's an example: Which part of speech is the underlined word - Smoking is a disgusting habit. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Anyway, have a good weekend! I'm off to teach people how to paint pottery!

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