Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Last day of Summer

Saturday was a splendidly sunny day here, probably the last sunny day we'll get here for another year *sigh* so M and I decided to take the Uberhound up to Bradlaugh Fields which is one of my towns best kept parks. It used to be the local golf course and then when that moved, the local residents campaigned to keep the area as a green space. It has some nice features like this human sundial at the top of the hill. To use it, you stand in the space that is marked for that month of the year and the sun will throw your shadow onto the dial which will hopefully give you the right time. It does work as well! M and I checked the time and Joe ran around us in circles, rounding us up and wondering why we were staring at the ground excitedly!

There's a stream that runs through the park into a pond alongside a barn which has been converted into a community hall. M and his mates used to call it the haunted house when he was young and dared each other to go in it. The pond always looks this cloudy colour because the area has quite clay-like soil. This park is really near to where M grew up and was still a golf course when he was young, so he points out all the areas where the different holes were and the bunkers and stuff. He always tells me stories of his childhood exploits at the golf course when we go walking up there, like when he and his friends would hide in the rough and when the golfers had taken their shots and were walking to the hole, (at some point they would disappear out of view because it's quite hilly there) the boys would run out, nick the golf balls and hide back in the bushes laughing at the golfers trying to find their errant balls! Yes, he was a handful I think!


There's a woodhenge which is getting old and a little rotten now. Some of the 'stones' have fallen over and spoil the circle effect. The photo makes the day look dark, but it was bright sunshine, the sun was in my face though and I think my camera darkened it automatically. M and I have been there to celebrate the Winter Solstice a few times. We took Joe when he was a puppy for a Solstice and he was a terror, he wanted to chase everyone else's dogs and at 5 o'clock in the morning, the last thing you need is to be frowned at for being bad parents. Yep, Joe was a handful too. 

Here's Joe exploring the river bed. He's a bit better behaved now, though he still would like to chase other dogs given the opportunity; he also likes to be chased, but there aren't many dogs who want to take on such a large Shepherd! His favourite hobby is rolling small dogs. He has it down to a fine art, he sticks his nose under their belly and then flips them. Small Dog then squeals in panic and runs in the opposite direction with Big Dog (Joe) hot on his heels. Small Dog's Mummy/Daddy scowls at Big Dog's Mummy who makes futile attempts to recall Big Dog who is having the time of his life. Big Dog eventually returns looking pleased with himself. Big Dogs Mummy slinks off with her hand firmly clamped round Big Dog's collar threatening Big Dog with hours of Solitary Confinement for Showing Her Up. He doesn't do this every time, though, just at random, unpredictable times. I content myself with knowing that at least he will never return home to tell me that he's got his girlfriend pregnant.  


It's nice to sit on one of the benches and enjoy the sunshine. The sun was nice and it was peaceful, all you could hear was the birds singing. Ah, bliss!  Hot



I loved the colour of these rosehips. Don't they shout of autumn! I love the reds and oranges. Knowing England, the autumn and winter will probably be sunnier than the summer! Not warm though. It's never ever warm here. Humid, yes. Warm, no. My purple tootsies are testament to that!

Since Saturday the weather has been rubbish! We woke up on Sunday to thick thick fog, and yesterday we had a thunder and lightening storm, and enough rain to make Noah start panic buying at B&Q! I went to my yoga class last night and during the meditation period at the end, I could hear the rain drumming on the roof so hard it made it difficult to get to that happy place where I like to go when I meditate, where the sun shines and the sand is warm, and the waves are gently crashing on the beach. Since I was flooded ten years ago, I find it hard to be relaxed and meditationally blissed out in heavy rainfall *lol* Still, if we do have a massive flood, I have a pile of good books to read and I had an email this morning to tell me that I've won a book which hasn't been published yet! Well, it's being published shortly and they want me to review it! Hurray! A sneak preview!




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