Sunday, September 14, 2008


Namaste! Kem chho? I've been learning Gudjerati in my TESOL classes. The phrases mean 'hello! How are you?' We started the course with some simple grammar lessons (in English), some introduction to lesson planning and learning styles, and then yesterday (yes, we had a class on Tuesday, and then on a Saturday, it's hard going!) we had our first unknown language lesson. We have four lessons in another language, which is conducted totally in that language. No English what so ever. This serves to help us empathise with students learning English and to teach us of the value of the senses whilst learning another language. When you don't understand what someone is saying to you, you listen to the inflection of the word, the body language being used, gestures, pictures and all sorts of other things. The script of Gudjerati is also completely different to the Western alphabet so there's nothing you relate to for pronunciation, you end up writing words phonetically to help you remember the sounds. It's very tiring but quite good fun! We have to write a journal about our experiences as a student, and the different techniques and learning styles covered in the classes.

This week saw the posting day for the Hogwarts swap that I'd been doing over on Craftster. I received my lovely package from Feline (click here for the photos) and here's the final parts of the package I sent to her. The wand pen was finally finished and I made a gift box to present it in. I painted and old dominos box brown and handstamped it in lettering which said Ollivanders Wands, with cute little corner embellishments. Then I sealed the lot in sparkly Mod Podge.

I think it turned out quite well and was a lovely way to present the pen. I just love presentation packaging.

I made a couple of albino pygmy puffs and stuck little feet and eyes on them. I had some fluffy white wool which is why they're white!

And the Fimo pieces I'd made were stuck to the outside of this A4 journal which is covered with tissue paper and painted brown for a sort of old leathery look and sealed in good old Mod Podge. I dry brushed the edges with gold paint for a distressed look.

Some of the pages I started to fill and roughly illustrated in as if the book had originally been a students, kind of in a 'Half-Blood Prince' way. Most of the pages were left blank for Feline to use the book as a journal.

I'm planning to take a swap break for the moment, although if a good swap comes up, I might be tempted to join in, but I intend to concentrate on my coursework for a bit. I may organise a Hippy swap for around Christmas time. Any crafts I make for a while will probably be for me or for gifts. I have four knitting WIPS which I want to get finished! My BPT hoodie is something I'd like to wear as soon as it gets cold! Best laid plans though! 


Kookie said...

beautiful swap gifts!

Sarah said...

Very beautiful swap gifts :D

I am so very happy with them - have been showing them off to everyone!!!!

The day I got the package I spent the day in the house in my hat and scarf - only taking it off to go to town for an hour - how back to front is that?

Anyhow - thanks for being such a wonderful partner - I enjoyed crafting for you - and LOVED my parcel!



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