Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are we nearly there??

Yes we are!! Well, I am anyway! M has had to dash out on his bike for a last minute gift. As he only really has one to get, I wonder who that's for?! *lol*  I think he left his Internet shopping a little late this year and whatever it is he's got for me hasn't arrived yet. Mind you, he probably only ordered it yesterday! I don't call him 'Last Minute Larry' for nothing! (His other nickname is 'Half a job Harry', but that's another story!)

The fudge has been made and boxed up ready for the lucky recipients. The presents are wrapped. The house is decorated and nearly tidy! As usual for this time of year, I have a stinking cold courtesy of my cousins four year old granddaughter! Does that make her my third cousin? I think it does! We (my Mum, sister and I) did a family visit on Monday, then went late night shopping at Bluewater, the humongous shopping centre in Dartford. We left at nearly nine o'clock and there were still people in there shopping like mad! We had a nice chocolate malt and visited the craft market and winter wonderland outside too. It was all so pretty and I treated myself to a couple of bottles of perfume oil from the Body Shop, a key ring Capt Jack, a peacock sun catcher and some new lippy which tastes like melons :-) I don't often get the chance to do a bit of girlie shopping, so it was nice for a change!



After last nights midnight encounter with a patch of fox scent, I had to bath the Hound of the Baskervilles this morning. Joe does not like baths. Not one little bit! I tried to entice him to the bathroom with a treat, but he was having none of it! He ran away and hid in his bed. In the end I put him on his lead and dragged him into the garden, where I handcuffed him to the garden bench (well, tethered his lead anyway) and shampooed his stinky butt!  Then I let him shake himself and allowed him into the house where I hair dried and brushed him. He actually quite liked that bit! He looks all fluffy now!

And look! I've been so creative recently! Funny what you can find to do when you know that  assignment's waiting for attention!

A bit of glass painting for my shop in the new year.

A new Meret which Keilo is guarding for me. I know, I know, it's brown! Not my colour at all, but fear not! This is for a friend at work who wears alot of brown, and it's stash busting, coz let's face it, I'm never going to use this colour for something for me!

What else have I been doing then? Well I have this pair of jeans which are far too long for me and kind of boring, so I decided to jazz them up by cutting of the bottoms so the hems would fray, and then I'm appliqué-ing felt flowers over the bottom of the legs. I'm not finished yet but I like how it's going. Don't worry, you'll get to see them when they're done!

And I've also been enticing my mate Gill to buy a Wii fit! I tempted her to buy a Wii after playing it with her and her son last month, and then she popped in yesterday to drop off some presents and after her son Kynan spied the Wii balance board I got them both on it!

Such good fun! Hope you all have a great Yule/Christmas full of fun and games!!


Ashleyrox said...

Hi, Yummm! Fudge! I LOVE the glass paisley jar. theat is so pretty good job. Its really cool that you added a the flowers to your jeans, I had a pair once that were too shot so I made a skirt out of them and it was my favorite for quite a bit so I know you'll love them. Great Blog!

Kookie said...

beautiful glass yet again Ginny! Have a wonderful Xmas xx

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

yes.. I believe we are! great post. That was fun:)

Ria said...

Ooohh fudge, no one sent me fudge ( well I really don't need any more sugar LOL) I got the wii for Christmas, Hubby was afraid to get me the wii fit - figured that may ger his ass kicked, I have to tell you I really suck at guitar hero!



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