Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sick as a Dog!

It's been sort of a productive unproductive week. Most of it has been spent feeling very under the weather. I was feeling a little washed out on Monday afternoon, having spent most of the day in Rheumatology waiting for my appointment (2 hours behind, can you believe it!!), getting tested and stuff, then by the evening I was starting to feel really icky and queasy. I mentioned to M that I didn't feel well and he panicked and asked if I wanted to be taken to hospital. Poor old M! The last time I said I didn't feel well, I had a stroke, so it must have freaked him out a little. I took Tuesday off work hoping that it was a stomach bug, although I never actually threw up, just felt like I wanted to, and so tired! I read quite a bit and finished crocheting my secret Santa scarf, and just lounged about really. You know, I finished all my secret Santa pressie, but did I photograph them?? No, I totally forgot! You'll just have to imagine the fluffy pink corkscrew scarf, the wrapped ribbon pen, all sealed, painted and glittered, and the A5 notebook, painted and decorated. *Sigh* They're all wrapped up in tissue which will tear if I undo it and I just don't have the paper to re-wrap them! You saw the candle holder though right?

Wednesday I had an 8am blood test so I went to the anti-coag clinic, then onto work, and felt a little better. When I got home M said that he'd tried to fix the carpet in the bathroom and had had a disaster and I ought to go up and have a look at it. He also said he couldn't even get in to have a wee. I went in fully expecting carnage (M's not really a handyman) and found a Wii fit waiting for me that M had managed to find (they're like gold dust!). I was so excited!! I happily spent half an hour on it and then went belly dancing. If it wasn't so close to the Hafla, I'd probably have stayed in and played on the Fit a little more, but the Halfa is in about a week and a half and thanks to being without my car for a couple of weeks, I'm not as confident in this choreography as I'd like.



What a mistake though!! I woke up at 4 o'clock this morning with that feeling back in my stomach and sat on the edge of the bath for maybe half an hour trying to decide whether to sit on it, or hang my head over it. I didn't make it to work today and actually slept until 11 o'clock!! Wow! I'm a bit of an insomniac and never sleep that late! I've most of the day on the sofa crocheting my Baroque cardi, not really having the energy to do much. I know, you'd forgotten that I was crocheting this, hadn't you?



Look, I've done loads! I tend to keep this by the sofa, which tells you how often I sit on my sofa. Not that often! I'm usually a busy busy bee! I tend to pick it up on a Sunday night which is when M and I sit down to watch a movie together. The colour is a really pretty emerald green plyed with silver.



I've come to the conclusion that I probably don't have a bug, but it's my Lupus acting up. All the signs are there, or rather not there. I feel like I'm coming down with the flu, or a bug, but there's no visible evidence; no stuffed or runny nose, no cough or sore throat. Just a crushing tiredness, headaches, a slight fever with cold extremities and feeling sick. That's the worst thing about Lupus; you look fine, you sound fine; you just feel shit. Quite often I'll get M to ring in sick for me because I don't want my employers to think that I'm pulling a sicky. Isn't that stupid? 


Taz said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good and I think most of us would rather someone else would phone us in sick than do it ourselves ;)
And what a guy getting his hands on your wii fit. It seems they're as hard to get a hold of this year as the wii was last year. I bought a wii fit ages ago and it's great fun.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Kookie said...

hope you start to feel better soon Ginny!
I have my first appt with the Rheumo next Weds. 9am sharp, I'll probably be there until lunchtime hey?!

yarndancer said...

I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

Your cardigan looks like it's coming along great, I really like the sparkly green yarn! (Belly dancers and their sparkles, eh?)

Littlelou said...

Sorry to read you are feeling so crappy..its just no fun taking a sicky if your actually sick is it?
My mister is just getting over a cold and i have been smug because its passed me by...until today that is..I feel like I've been hit in the face with a!
Take care
(enjoy the Wii fit when you're up to it)



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