Monday, July 13, 2009

Parcels in the Post

Well the news of the week for me was the discovery that Michael Jackson had Lupus (like me)! That explains alot about him! I’m not a big fan of MJ but I feel a little angry that he just couldn’t come out with it and say that’s what he had. Maybe there would be more understanding about the condition with such a famous spokesperson. Ah well, I guess he had his reasons, but I think the world would have treated him a little more kindly.

So this morning there was a little break in the weather and I decided to talk a walk up to the post office with the Uberhound to post some eBay sales and also my Hippy Swap package.  I handed over my packages and my money to the post office clerk and then we took a stroll in the park enjoying the sunshine!

It’s always nice to be in the sunshine

especially when you see such beautiful colours and wild flowers…

Sometime’s it’s nice to take a seat and watch the rabbits ….

There’s an old play area tucked away in the centre of the park which is sadly in need of a fresh lick of paint but makes for a good photo…

Anyway, my Hippy Swap package is finally in the post! I had to get it in the mail because the package was getting bigger and bigger and it was going to cost me a fortune to post as it was *lol* so here’s the whole lot spread out on the bed

And here’s a few of the things I made for the package that you haven’t seen yet…

These are window clings, you press them onto the window or a mirror and they’ll stick there until you want to peel them off again.

I also made a fairy pen from Fimo

and plenty of earrings for my partner as she’ll be getting her ears pierced soon. Now she’ll have plenty to wear…

I also made a crocheted bag

And some reversible hair bands

I made a little extra as well; this isn’t really a hippy item, but my partner mentioned somewhere in the thread that she pole-danced as a hobby, and that she really wanted a mini top hat, so I created this for her from felt and scraps that I had in my stash!

The crown inside is an old toilet roll, the brim is the flexible clear circle that you get in cd spindles, and the rest of it’s from stash items

I sewed a strip of elastic onto the bottom to keep it on her head when she’s dancing. I was really really happy with how it came out!

And remember I had a school t-shirt that was the typical boxy tee; just the sort of style that I hate. It was a small, but still too huge for me, so I chopped off the crew neck and cut it a little lower (but not too low, it’s for school trips after all!). I also cut about three inches off the length because it came nearly down to my knees, and a couple of inches off the sleeve length! I zigzagged around the neckline, and lettuce frilled the edges of the sleeves and bottom. 

I reconned it just in time to wear it on Sunday to escort a student from Gatwick airport to school as the person who normally collects students was ill, so I stepped in to help. It’s definitely much more ‘me’ now and more comfortable (though still white), and looks like it actually fits me now, and not like I’m wearing borrowed clothes!

Wow, so much to tell you today, I hope you weren’t bored Wink



yarndancer said...

Wow, your swap partner is so lucky! What a fab package! Everything is so gorgeous :)

Matthew Tripp said...
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