Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunkist in the rain!

Meet Joe, aka the Uberhound, aka the Clyde part of the Bonnie and Clyde partnership of Joe and Pippin, kitchen bin burglars extraordinaire! Joe looks  like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth but he currently stands accused of snaffling the last of the chocolate bar that M left on the sofa while he went to the bathroom. He’s not In The Good Books at the moment! However, M’s books are not my books, so yesterday morning I took advantage of the morning sun to take him to Harlestone Firs for a walk.

Harlestone Firs is part of the Althorpe Estate (where Princess Diana grew up) and I always imagine that this part might have been part of the main route to the Stately Home: I can picture horses and carriages travelling along this wide avenue of trees.

Schools haven’t broken up for the summer yet so the Firs are deserted at this time on a weekday, but there is evidence that the little people have been here!

I finished my Sunkist a month ago but I hadn’t really felt the love for it yet. Bizarrely the left side kept puckering and wouldn’t lie properly. I had visions of having to frog the whole thing and didn’t really want to do that. So I decided to redo the ribbing round the sides and front to see if that would sort it. I’d done this twice before it seemed to sort it out. I think I was picking up less stitches on one side than the other. I had almost decided to give up and crochet an edging but I seem to have sorted it – hurray!

I even found the perfect button for it in my stash! I couldn’t have found a better colour match if I’d have gone looking for one to buy!

Look it looks great! I am loving it now! It’s a little on the big side – I’ve lost weight since I started it!

I signed up for the bookmark swap on Craftster and my partners themes are Spock, black cats, Art Nouveau, and peacocks. Here’s the first one that I’ve made for her, based on the artist Mucha it’s a pen and pencil drawing on textured card. I used brown artists pen for a vintage look.

I crocheted this today, a squashed black cat bookmark. I hope she doesn’t think I have a sick sense of humour – it made me laugh anyway!

I’m going to my Sis’s tonight for an fun evening of kittens, wine and Wii! Enjoy your weekend!  Wink


ducky said...

oh the sunkist sweater is really lovely! I think those squashed animals are funny too! : )

VictoriaG said...

I love your sunkist sweater too! Really lovely color and how lucky about the button! It is frustrating about the ribbing band isn't it? I've had that of my peeves about having to pick up stitches like that! Ah well, it looks great now.
~Vicki (nonaofsav on Rav)

Bhavna said...


I always loved your blog. Too bad I don't get time to post the comments about everything I love in it.

You are talented and hardworking and it shows.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Bhavna (aka bmisra)

vickie said...

what a beautiful picture of foxglove if i remember correctly that is what the scientific like people make the heart medicine digitalis out of. i have never seen one on person. would be nice to see sometime.



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