Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crafty update

The BF has a week or twos work which is great news, it will pay some of the bills due shortly - he's much happier when he works - he was actually whistling round the supermarket when we went grocery shopping last night - he only whistles when he's really happy. It's just a bit of driving - he has a 7.5 tonne licence, so he can drive lorries - but it's something. He's delivering plumbing supplies to plumbers, so it's not a ridiculously early start, or late finish.

So, what have I been up to for the last few days? Apart from work, that is. Well, I finished Karan's (ZaftigMomma) flower scarflette which was a pattern from Knitty. I love how it turned out, despite the slightly vague assembling instructions (does anybody else find that some of Knittys patterns are a little vague in places?) I may make myself one (I always say that, but I'm usually too busy making stuff for other people *lol*) and maybe I'll make some for gifts.

I finished painting the dragon for the dragon swap. I went with watercolours in the end and decided that he was a fire dragon, so he's all reds and golds. I wanted to paint him in flight in blue sky, so he needed to be a colour that would show up against the blue. I've also crocheted a dragon amigurami (my first), which is sadly just a pile of random body parts at the moment, waiting for stuffing and assembling. No picture yet as there's not much point. He just looks like roadkill at the moment

I made a choker for DancingZira last night for a personal swap. She wants something gothic/rivithead/industrial inspired. I'm hoping this will fit the bill. She likes red and black; can you tell? The ribbons are meant to cascade down her back from the base of her neck. It also means that the fit is adjustable. I also like how this came out - yes, it's another project in the 'stuff to make for myself one day' pile. The idea just popped into my head and I had to make it. It exceeded my vision I think.

CraftyDeb has just sent me a pile of fabulous patterns including two bellydance patterns, a wrap skirt pattern and a sleepwear pattern, so I guess I'm going to have to get my 'lil Brother out and have a sewing session. There's plenty of football on for the next couple of weeks which I normally don't look forward to, but it may give me some extra crafty spare time.


Karan said...

The choker looks ace : ) and your dragon painting is wonderful.... I also kind of like the little scarfy thing LOL

Samsara said...

Heehee! Thought you might like the scarf! Thanks for the comments :-)I hope Zira likes what I've made for her.



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