Saturday, May 19, 2007

A week of firsts

This has been a week of firsts for me. I washed my first fleece, I span my first ball of yarn, I needle felted my first item, made my first Rapunzel scarf, and filled in my first meme *lol*
Here's my first ball - can't really call it a skein, it's just not big enough - all washed and dried and looking all yarn like. Well, Franken-yarn really. I'm going to keep it for prosperity.

And here's my second attempt. Already a much better looking yarn. More consistent, although it still has little bits that are thicker or thinner than the rest *lol* I experimented with the two different fleeces I have, spinning them on the same skein alternately. The drop spindle I received in the Celtic swap and I'm starting to bond with it. Should I name it? There's a trend of naming your spinning equipment I've noticed. I guess it (she?) should be named after a Celtic Goddess, that would be appropriate. I'll have a think. Didn't Sleeping Beauty prick her finger on a spindle and sleep for 100 years? Mine has no points so I'm not too worried!

Okay, back to the fleeces. One is alot finer than the other and has longer strands in with short golden curly locks. No idea what any of it is as I got it from a fellow Freecycler and it's free, so I can practice and play around with it. It's all good experience. Even the washing thing - sheep shit *eewww* I've already learnt that liquid stuff works better than washing powder. I've used both washing-up liquid and shampoo. Both work well, though the shampoo smells better. The washing powder just wouldn't dissolve and left bits in.

This is the other mystery fleece. Much coarser and kind of short and curly. Almost frizzy in fact.

This is my first attempt at needle felting, using mystery fleece number two. Can you tell what it is?
Well, it's supposed to be a cat. It's about 1 1/2 inches tall. I like it :-)


Laural said...

Great job! I totally knew it was a cat!

Samsara said...

Thanks! He looks a little bug eyed to me though, because I've only got the two colours *lol*

Karan said...

: ) is there no end to your talents woman?? The spindling seems to be coming along nicely and that book!!! BIG WOW, dragons AND recycling who could ask for anything more : D with the needlefelting the only reason I thought "dog" not "cat" was because I didn't have my specs on.
and the earrings too, very pretty.

that was a public announcement by the Samsara Appreciatiopn Society: now back to your scheduled programmes......



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