Friday, October 26, 2007


Every year, Milton Keynes Shopping Centre plays host to the Collectormania Fayre. A ton of stalls set up in the centre square selling all sorts of collectible goodies from all sorts of cult films and TV series. The added bonus is that they also have guest stars who come for the day, sign autographs and pose for piccies. Now I'm too cheap skint to pay someone to sign a bit of paper for me, but I do get kind of a buzz from seeing stars from my favourite shows. M and I like to go and lurk round for a few hours, gawping at celebs and laughing at the die-hard fans getting autographs and photos. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan, but not a collector, even if I wanted to pay for an autograph, what would you do with it afterwards? I liken it to the eBay thrill of the auction, you're there, you're all excited, sometimes the money's in your hand before you've even thought about what you're going to do with said item.

I did however take my camera and managed to snap a few piccies. Please excuse the graininess of the photos, they were taken a little way away and cropped and blown up.

From Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson who didn't stop smiling and has the most amazing blue eyes!!

And Teal'c

From Firefly, Kayleigh (she was real popular):

From Farscape; Scorpius! (He was also in Star Wars) He looks so pleasant in real life and he has a wonderful voice.

From Star Trek, Chekov and Sulu (who is awake btw!)

From Star Trek Voyager, the Doctor:

And Deanna Troy chatting up one of the blokes from Heroes:

George A. Romero (mad Zombie director)!! We saw him down one of the halls and M shook his hand which he was so happy about! George seemed a great bloke!

Darth Vader (yeah, we know he wasn't the real one, we saw him last year!) and various Storm Troopers!

And to make up for the disappointment of the Weasley Twins cancelling (ah well, I saw them here last year!), VIKTOR KRUM!

He is so adorable in real life! M was not impressed about my sotto chant of 'Krum, Krum, show us your bum'!

Krum walked past me close enough to touch him!

We also saw Capt Dillon Hunt from Andromeda, the hunchback guy from 300, one of the actresses from Creepshow (memory fails on the name), an old dude from Escape from New York, and the old village chief from the original Stargate film, who is also in the Mummy. Yes, we are slight Sci-fi geeks. Apologies to anyone who isn't *lol* We had a great fun day :-) It only cost us a bit of petrol money and what we spent on some fresh cookies and pop, and we spent the whole day laughing and smiling. Priceless!


Laural said...

It sounds like you had a great time! That is awesome that you got to see Krum! I don't watch sci-fi so I have no idea who anyone else is though.

Karan said...

WOW OH WOW !! I'm rather envious !! Viktor Krum, Deanna Troy,the Doctor from Voyager AND Kayleigh *sighs*

I know what you mean about the autographs, I have a pound note signed by UFO *lol* it was the only paper I had on me at the time : )
I also have Meatloaf's that my sis' got for my b'day one year when she was working in a nightclub next door to the Concert Hall. They're just tucked away amongst my "stuff"



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