Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Invite your Partner Harry Potter Swap

Unbelievably for the Muggle post, Karan has received her parcel from me already!! I can finally post piccys of the things I have been crafting for the last month or so.
Firstly, every new student to Hogwarts has to have their Hogwarts letter:
A wand (made using the instructables tutorial):
And a witches/wizards hat; I used chunky wool so that it will stand up on it's own, or fold down for a more Muggle look:
A scarf in her House Colours (Ravenclaw); I made a corkscrew scarf in blues, with a fancy silver edging for those formal occasions when you want to sport your house colours.
A bespoke Pensieve; this was hard to photograph, but I think you can see it okay here. Here's the bottom, it has runes running round the outside:
And here it is viewed from above so that you can see the inside; I also sent enchanted crystals and candles so that it can be used for scrying:
Ravenclaw Goblets; they have the House emblem on one side and a star on the other to represent Kookaloo*Starr
The goblets have been fired so they can be used:
A set of Hogwarts coasters in a tin so that the House Elves don't get angry about cup rings in the dormitories:
And a Monster Book of Monsters; The cover is removable so that a new book can be put in when it is full!

I love this project and will definately be making one of my own *lol*

A Concise History of Hogwarts Altered Book:

An Owlery windowcling so that the owls know where to deliver the post (it just sticks to the window and looks like stained glass):

And so that Karan can join S.P.E.W. a couple of sets of House knitting needles and a crochet hook:

A bit of bling to wear to the Yule Ball (I made the diamond-y shaped beads from sparkley Fimo) :

Again, another little Starr motif:
And a keyring for when she comes home to the Muggle World:

I also sent some Muggle Wildflower seeds for Herbology classes but I didn't have a photo :-)

I had good fun making all this, and Karan says she likes it all, so it's been a good swap all round!


Jennifer said...

Wow! Everything is just amazing. I especially love the pensieve...just wonderful!

Tanya said...

awesome job yet again.
I love everything you do.

Karan said...

LIKES it??? Karan LOVES IT ALL!! you're the best Ginny xxx I wore my hat last night and I'm wearing my necklace today. the Penseive is beautiful, as are the goblets : ) We'll be trying those out tonight with a nice bottle of red wine ; ) If you like yours half as much as I'll be pleased : D

Laural said...

Everything is AMAZING!! Great work!

Samsara said...

Aw, thank you everybody :-)

Kiki Knits said...

All that stuff is AMAZING!! You made so much stuff for this swap. Next time there is an invite-your-partner swap remind me to invite you!! haha.
and thanks for my blog comment! When I saw I had a comment from a Samsara I thought...hmm, I know I have seen that name on craftster, I wonder if it is the same person. And sure enough it was!

Lori said...

You are such a rockstar swap partner. My similar owl window cling has been hanging happily in my bedroom window since the day it was delivered and... I carry my owl bag all of the time. You really do rock! What a great package... you really know your Potter.

Deabusamor said...

I love how beautifully detailed everything is! I'm sure Karan absolutely treasures it all.



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