Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scarves, stockings and Short n Sweet!

Window update, we are entering our third night of 'hole in the window temperature torture'. My Dad is arranging a glazier friend of his to come and replace the whole window with a fancy double-glazed one. The window is being constructed (I hope) as we speak. Well, not right now as it's night, but you get the idea. I hope it gets sorted soon, it's cold and noisy with a hole in the window, and the bubble-wrap crackles with every breath of wind.

Anyway, Simplyfussfree has received her scarf from me and says I can nick her photo as I stupidly forgot to take one before I posted it. It's in white yarn and alternates granny square patterns, with fringing. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. She wanted a single colour scarf, so I thought I'd make the patterning through contrasting granny square designs rather than the normal way through colour.

I must be crazy, I've started another Short n Sweet. I have this big cone of machine yarn which I bought at a car boot sale. It's a lovely deep magenta plied with a silver thread and the colour completely matches a Nomads batik wrap skirt I have. It's nice to be making something for me.

I'll be able to post it in Ravelry, which I have been spending far too much time on recently! I've already got 12 projects listed, and 12 queued!

I've also been doing some painting as the gift giving season is practically upon us and I need to get my shop stocked up ready. This is a teaser as I'm not quite finished this yet. It'll be a big Celtic picture frame.

I posted Karan's HPIYP swap package yesterday. I had to send it Standard Parcel so hopefully she'll get it within a couple of days. It's been soooo hard not posting any piccys, but I will post them all when she gets it! Fingers crossed.

I also received from Rosemary in the HPC Weasley Household object swap. A floo powder pincushion and doily, badges, an owl charm, a skein of Sugar and Cream in red, and a packet of HP trading cards which I've never seen before, but then I don't have kids, well, only a grown-up one. The S&C will come in handy, you can't get that stuff here, and I wanted to have a go at some dishcloths. The HP trading cards had a Severus Snape card in! :-) M said that he should have that card as he's a Slytherin.

I signed up for the Christmas Stocking Swap...I really couldn't resist. I've regularly make stockings and fill them for gifts, but I've never had one back, not since I was a child and my Mum used to put a stocking at the end of the bed, filled with small gifts for us to open Christmas morning. We weren't allowed downstairs until Mum and Dad were up, and the main gift giving came after breakfast. The stockings were designed to keep us happy and keep us busy in our rooms till breakfast. We used to get little games, mini colouring books and pencils, puzzles, satsumas, stuff like that, and when we got older, we'd get little bits of cheap jewellery, make-up, and crafty bits. Last year I made mini stockings for everyones tree gifts and filled them with home-roasted savoury herb mixed nuts. I love the Yule Season!

Oh yes *whispers* I succumbed, I bought a dress-form from eBay - *shuuuh* it hasn't arrived yet, I'm waiting excitedly! It was a bargain - luckily I've sold quite a bit in my shop recently and had money in my Paypal account!


Laural said...

Good on you for making yourself something and getting yourself a dress form, you definitely deserve them! I can't wait to see everything that you made for the swap!



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