Sunday, September 30, 2007


Look what happened this morning! Some bastard threw a rock through our bedroom window!!! 9 o'clock! I had just got out of bed as we were going to go to a car boot sale, and Mark was still finishing his morning coffee, when 'BOOM'. It sounded like an explosion.
Look at the size of this thing! Where it landed is right on my side of the bed. If I was still in bed it could have killed me!

Look, here's a penny next to it so you can see how big it is! And yes, that is an earwig next to the rock. There was also a snail that hitched a ride on that rock, but it seems to have done a dissappearing act. By the time we got to the window, there was no-one in sight. And all the glaziers want to charge £150+vat+materials to come out on a Sunday just to board your window up! Not even to reglaze it! You'd have to pay that on top. And wait in another day for them to come back.

We've patched it with a bit of bubble wrap for now and will have to get it sorted over the next couple of days. It took us about 3 hours to clean the bedroom up. We had to strip the bed and hoover everything peticulously, then sling it all through the washing machine. I really wanted to get new bedding, but we can't afford that at the moment. Replacing the window's going to stretch the finances as it is. And yes, we are insured, but you have to get the work done, then claim, then wait and answer all the stupid queries you get back from the insurers, it'll probably be a month or two before we get the money back. If we're lucky. Which we don't seem to be at the moment.

Life sucks.


Karan said...

The complete and utter bastards!!!

Celeste said...

Flippin 'eck!
Have you any idea who it might have been or why?

Glad you're both okay and hurrah for car boot sales getting you out of bed early.

Samsara said...

No idea! We've both been in a bit of shock really, today got written off. We had to spend hours cleaning up, talking to the police, getting quotes, stuff like that. And it was such a nice day, I was looking forward to a stroll through the fields to the car boot with the dog and M. *Sigh*

Laural said...

I'm sorry that you window and day was ruined. I am glad that you were up though!

javede said...

Wah, I can't believe someone did that! That's more than just a little boys trick(not sure that's the right way to translate this into english, but I guess you can understand what I mean).
Good thing nobody was lying there!



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